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Hillary Clinton at Rutgers: Young People Need to Get Involved in Politics

PISCATAWAY, NJ–Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton didn't hold back on what she believes ails American politics when she sat down with the Director of the Rutgers Eagleton Insitute of Politics on March 29. 

During the hour-long conversation with Dr. Ruth Mandel, Clinton touched on many topics such as her role as a woman in politics, the hyper-partisanship in government, and why she doesn’t plan on leaving public life any time soon.

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As Youth Take Action on Gun Violence, Rutgers Accused of Hypocrisy

NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—In the weeks leading up to thousands of high school students across the country walking out in support of gun control and school safety, many colleges have felt the need to publicly take a side in the debate.

The Hub City was the site of five different protests at K-12 schools on March 14 with overwhelming support from the school district.  However, that was not the case in every school district, as some threatened to suspend those who walked out.