NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—In September 2017, the Rutgers chapter of the Sigma Chi fraternity allegedly spiked alcoholic beverages with Xanax during a mixer with the Sigma Delta Tau sorority.

Sorority members recalled that the "jungle juice," a mix of grain alcohol and other beverages, tasted “chalky” and reported feeling unwell soon after drinking at the fraternity's house.

Some of the women reported vomiting despite drinking small amounts of the juice at the Hardenbergh Street home, while others say they blacked out.

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PHILADELPHIA, PA—Jovan Antonio Mercado, a 2017 graduate of New Brunswick Health Science Technology High School (HSTHS), will be wrestling for Drexel University’s Division 1 team this fall.

Mercado was a member of the New Brunswick High School wrestling team, as the health sciences school does not have its own athletics squads.

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