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Public Safety

Improper Disposal Investigation Leads to Reprimands For Two Police Officers, NBToday Editor Thanked by Top Brass at City Police Department
October 21, 2014
Police Say Someone Jumped Early This Morning and Survived, While Another Jumper Died Saturday
October 21, 2014
Red Pickup Truck Reported in Another Incident May Have Been Involved in Transporting Victim to Hospital
October 18, 2014
Two Police Cars and Three Civilian Cars Damaged in Crash at George and Albany Streets
October 17, 2014
Suspect Dequan Rogers Found Stabbed in a Victor Street Home Shortly After Burton Was Shot in Church Parking Lot
October 15, 2014
News 12: Joell Burton Passed Away After Being Shot in The Back While Walking Home
October 14, 2014
Suspect Allegedly Broke Through Glass Window to Gain Access to Convenience Store
October 12, 2014
Courthouse Will Display Artifacts From The Famous Hall-Mills Murder Case in New Brunswick
October 10, 2014
Police Say Victim Was Uncooperative and Shooting Stems From an Ongoing Dispute
October 8, 2014
Two Confirmed Cases of Enterovirus-D68 Have Been Reported in Middlesex County
October 8, 2014
Police Have Not Confirmed Incident, But Residents Say One Man and One Vehicle Were Struck by Gunfire Sunday Evening
October 7, 2014
Rutgers Student Timothy McDonnell was Seriously Injured Early Saturday Morning
October 6, 2014
Joy Transportation Bus Crashed at Intersection of Livingston and Loretto Last Week
September 29, 2014
4 Men Were Arrested, and 1 Man In Custody Received Additional Charges, For Their Alleged Involvement in Two South Jersey Murders
September 28, 2014
Jay Kohl Earned $200,000 Salary and Served as Vice President of Administration and Public Safety Director Since 1997
September 27, 2014
Near Jersey Avenue Train Station, County Yard Will Be Expanded to Incorporate Abandoned Mile Run Yard
September 26, 2014
Chuck Savoth and Michael Bacorn Were Cops Last Year, But Quit Only to Begin Collecting Pensions and Get Re-Hired by City Government Months Later
September 26, 2014
Government Engineer Ernie Feist Retained Same Attorney as New Brunswick Fire Director Robert Rawls, Who Paid a Fine After Striking Three Kids in May
September 24, 2014
Police Say They Are Investigating Whether Anyone Was Stabbed in Large Incident That Erupted in Troublesome Bar & Restaurant
September 22, 2014
5-Year Pilot Program Comes to End This December, No Bill Introduced to Continue It
September 22, 2014
Graduate of South Brunswick High School Was Taken to RWJ by Friends After Appearing to Be in Distress, According to Authorities
September 21, 2014
Brothels May Be Tied to Two Murders in Cumberland County, According to Police
September 19, 2014
As Treatments Improve, More People Living Longer Despite Deadly Immune Diseases
September 19, 2014
Piscataway Police Arrested 2, RUPD Arrested 9, and NBPD Did Not Respond to Inquiries
September 17, 2014
Carlos Gasperi and Daniel Guillem Arrested and Charged with Aggravated Arson
September 17, 2014
Police Say This Incident Unrelated to Shooting That Took Place Over The Weekend
September 12, 2014
43 Middlesex County Residents Who Died in September 11, 2001 Attacks Are Not Forgotten 13 Years Later
September 12, 2014
Rutgers Plays Penn State at 8PM, But Parking Anywhere on Easton is Not Allowed From 8AM Saturday Until 4AM Sunday
September 12, 2014
New Brunswick Police Release Photo in Efforts to Find Assailant Who Slashed a Man's Throat on August 24
September 12, 2014
Police Radio: Other Car Was Totalled, Leaving City Resident Entrapped
September 9, 2014
Shooting Spurred on by Barfight at Mi Tierra, Located at Corner of Handy and Jersey
September 9, 2014
A Similar Incident Earlier in The Week Caused Rutgers to Issue a Crime Alert, Raising Questions About RUPD's Crime Alert Policies For Second Time This Year
September 8, 2014
After Years of Advocacy, First Reformed Church Will Be Turned into 10 Units of Housing Thanks to State and City Funding
September 5, 2014
Next Cleanup Event Scheduled to Meet 10AM on Sept. 6 at Corner of Lee and Seaman
September 3, 2014
Karen Finley & Other Officials at Redflex Face Charges of Bribing Public Officials
August 30, 2014
Ticket Issued to Unlicensed Driver Who Helped Transport Victim to Hospital
August 28, 2014
23-Year-Old Man Slashed in Throat at Hamilton Gardens Apartments Sunday Night
August 26, 2014
36 Military Surplus Assault Rifles Are in Possession of Middlesex Police Agencies
August 23, 2014
New Brunswick City Council Will Vote on James Hoebich's Nomination Wednesday August 20
August 18, 2014
Caravan of Cops and Politicians Visited Nine Sites For 10-15 Minutes Each, Declining to Attend Event Organized By Activist
August 16, 2014
Officer Keven Hendricks Injured in Incident Where He Was Allegedly Dragged From Vehicle Driven By Donnell Cook
August 11, 2014
Asked if Rumors Were True That Rawls Pleaded Guilty to Shoplifting and Simple Assault in Relation to a 1989 Incident, Mayor Cahill Said, "I Don't Know, Is It?"
August 9, 2014
Officer Being Treated For Multiple Broken Bones, Abrasions, and Internal Injuries Sufferred in Incident at New Brunswick Apartments
August 7, 2014
Four Cars Shot in Incident Last Night
August 3, 2014
Breakup of Robinson Street Party Sent 500+ People Spilling Out into Neighborhood
August 2, 2014
Application Submission Deadline is Friday August 1
July 31, 2014
Two North Brunswick Residents Arrested After Being Caught Driving Stolen Lexus 300
July 31, 2014
No One Injured, But Construction Has Been Halted After Crane Cable Snaps and Concrete Slab Falls
July 30, 2014
According to Police, Child Was Riding a Scooter Near Lord Stirling School
July 30, 2014