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Presidential Candidate Jill Stein Talks to Crowds About Plan For a "Green New Deal"
August 21, 2015
NBPD Captain: "Aggressive Officers" Need Taxpayer-Funded Lawyers More Often
August 19, 2015
Elizabeth Garlatti Called Activist Rita Yelda "Part of The Problem" and Shouted That The City's Drinking Water Was Not Properly Treated For "11 Days! Not 11 Years!"
August 19, 2015
If Approved by City Council, New Rates Would Start at $1.50/Hour and Increase
August 17, 2015
New Brunswick Camera May Be First in NJ to Come Down Since State Program Ended, But It's Been Left Roadside For Over a Month
August 16, 2015
Conditions of Veto Would "Render The Legislation Useless" According to Sponsor
August 16, 2015
May 14 Inspection Found Code Violations But Tenants Were Allowed to Continue Occupancy
August 14, 2015
Busy With Presidential Run, Governor Vetoes Second Bill of Its Kind in 18 Months
August 11, 2015
Joseph Spicuzzo Remains in State Prison After Long Career of Blatant Corruption
August 10, 2015
Rutgers Alum and Board of Trustees Chair Now Moves Up to Board of Governors
August 9, 2015
Under Scrutiny Over Residency, Luis Gonzalez Resigns From City Housing Authority
August 5, 2015
JIF Covers Property, Auto, General Liability, & Worker's Comp Claims For NB Schools
August 4, 2015
Highland Park Resident Peter Strom Appointed to New Jersey Site Remediation Professional Licensing Board
August 4, 2015
Rutgers Employee Luis Gonzalez Takes Over For Dale Caldwell as NBHA Board Chair
August 1, 2015
Advocates Say It's an Indication That Something Must Be Done Statewide
July 31, 2015
90-Day Pilot Program Will Harness Same Technology Used by Local Police
July 31, 2015
NBPA Still Owed $1 Million by Prior Tenant, theFreshGrocer, as Government Tries to Address One of Their Concerns: Parking
July 25, 2015
School Board President Says Arrival of Aubrey Johnson Has "Newly Re-invigorated" The City's Fast-Growing School District
July 25, 2015
Wilmington Housing Authority Hires NBHA to Inspect Hundreds of Housing Units Nearly 100 Miles South of The Hub City, But Won't Pay For Gas or Tolls
July 24, 2015
A Warehouse at Van Dyke and Jersey Avenues Will Once Again Be a Temporary School, This Time For Many Students at Lincoln School
July 22, 2015
Rutgers Students Will See Tuition Jump by 2.4%, Student Fees by 1.9%, and Room & Board by 2.4%
July 16, 2015
Mark Lavenberg Leaves South Jersey Job to Head NB Water Utility For $107K/Year
July 15, 2015
Federal Proposal Similar to State Policy in Tennessee and New Law Passed in Oregon
July 13, 2015
Education Officials Promise NJ Will Not Venture Far From Common Core Standards
July 11, 2015
NJ Governor Promises to Bring "Strong Leadership and Decisiveness” to Oval Office While Protesters Chant "Christie Must Be Stopped!" Outside
July 9, 2015
Mayor Cahill "Still Researching" Issue, But His Running Mates Rebecca Escobar and Kevin Egan Come Out in Support of Giving Paid Days to All Workers in New Brunswick
June 30, 2015
Planning Board Members Deadlocked on DEVCO-Backed Plan For 52-Unit Building, Developer Came Back With Much Smaller Plan That Won Community Support
June 30, 2015
Like Other Commissioners, Andrea Eato-White Gets Free Parking at NBPA Facilities
June 30, 2015
NBHS Graduation Ceremony Also Honored Outgoing Superintendent Richard Kaplan
June 25, 2015
Director of Virginia-Based Power Company Could Be Next Member of Powerful Board
June 25, 2015
Jennifer Hunt Returns to Teach at Rutgers After Holding Positions at Labor and Treasury Departments Under Obama Administration
June 22, 2015
Close Ally of New Brunswick Mayor Hired Shortly After Retiring From Trenton PD
June 22, 2015
One Recovery High School Opened on Campus of Kean University in Union Township
June 18, 2015
Aubrey Johnson Hired by City School District to 3-Year Deal That Pays $177,500 Per Year
June 18, 2015
Officials Were Unusually Quiet About Where They Were Heading on a Charter Bus
June 18, 2015
Public Schools Are The Most Popular Choice For Parents, But They Face Challenges
June 15, 2015
A Comprehensive List of Every Neighborhood, Apartment Building, or Other Development in Hub City
June 15, 2015
Board of Education Will Select a Replacement For John Krenos at Next Meeting
June 13, 2015
Tenure Decisions Now Tied to New Ratings System
June 13, 2015
Anthony Barber, a Former Trenton Cop Once Assigned to Be Driver For Mayor Palmer, Refused to Confirm He's Working For New Brunswick Police Department Once Again
June 9, 2015
66 Students Opt-Out of May Testing, After Only 19 Students Opted Out in March
June 8, 2015
Downtown Blocks Evacuated as Firefighters Battle Blaze at Historic Post Office
June 1, 2015
Defense Department 1033 Program Provides Surplus Military Equipment to Local Police
May 31, 2015
BPU Vote Means That Company Can Hike Rates 36% on New Jerseyans Until 2020 When Price Regulations Would End
May 23, 2015
New Brunswick Was Sued and Now Wants to Institute New Ordinances That Do Not Have Support From Organization That Helped Sue to Overturn Them
May 20, 2015
Half of Plant Forced Offline For Hours Due to a "Chemical Feed Issue" Over Weekend
May 20, 2015
Rutgers Has Dodged Questions About Employment Status of Police Officer Recruit Grace Stewart For Over a Week
May 19, 2015
May 20 Deadline For Disposal Program Set Up in Response to Controversial Proposal
May 19, 2015
City Says Private Water Company Accepted Blame For DEP Violations, But Company Says That Would Have to Be Reviewed and Discussed
May 16, 2015