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John Muller Also Admitted to Harassing The Woman's Eight-Year-Old Grandson
November 20, 2015
NJ-HMFA Employee Yirgu Wolde Ascends to Chairman, Dale Caldwell Gets Vice Chair, Frank Simpson and Cesar Ovando Replace Departed Members
November 18, 2015
Borough Mayor Participates in Swearing-In Ceremony for Canine Mayor "Lincoln"
November 17, 2015
Boraie Development's One Spring Street Highrise in New Brunswick Never Registered as a "Multiple Dwelling" Building With State
November 8, 2015
Crossroads and George Street Playhouse Would Be Demolished Under County Plan to Spend $18 Million on Three Arts Projects
November 6, 2015
37-Year Veteran of Edison Force Reportedly Retired Amid a Battle With Cancer, Authorities Say He Used Up His Sick Days While Working at Menlo Park Mall
November 5, 2015
Edward Spencer Replaces Mike Blackwell in Important Role
November 3, 2015
Pilot Program Extended Through November After Computer Glitch
October 28, 2015
NBPD Confirms Death of Woman They Say Jumped From Downtown Garage
October 20, 2015
Hub City Resident Marnie McKoy Hired to Key Role: Director of Human Resources
October 19, 2015
Young Local Artists Compete for Cover of 2016 MCIA Brochure
October 15, 2015
Federal Government to Auction Off Parts of Ocean Near Atlantic City on November 9
October 14, 2015
Mayor James Cahill Expected to Sign Off on Deal With PBA 23 and 23A Unions, Continuing Annual Raises For Officers
October 10, 2015
Sheriff Millie Scott Received a Suspicious Package, Causing an Evacuation
October 7, 2015
Mike Blackwell Left Recreation Director Job on August 31 to Lead "First Tee"
October 6, 2015
Storm Upgraded to Category 4 Hurricane, As It Heads Toward New Jersey
October 2, 2015
Dewberry Engineering Presented Four Alternatives to Current Dangerous Layout at a Community Meeting in August
September 29, 2015
With Winter Approaching, Government Encourages Organizations to Host Food Drives
September 29, 2015
Days After He Was Charged With Assault and Suspended From His Job as Middlesex County Sheriff's Officer, Neil Raciti Gets Busted on Weapons Charge
September 29, 2015
Report: Rutgers-UMDNJ Merger Left University With Over $110 Million in Debt
September 29, 2015
Radazz Hearns Was Shot Seven Times by State Police and Mercer County Sheriff's Officers Who Still Have Not Been Identified to Public
September 29, 2015
Greg Schiano Was Founding Board Member of Middlesex Co. Crime Stopppers, Inc.
September 28, 2015
Ferren Parking Deck Has Been Closed and Awaits an Environmental Investigation
September 27, 2015
In Victory For Activists, Mayor Cahill's Administration Decides Not to Renew Contract With NJ American Water When It Expires on September 30
September 24, 2015
5-2 Decision Overturns Court's Precedent, Restoring Standards That Were in Place From 1981-2009
September 24, 2015
Middlesex County's Multi-Million Bike Project Leads to Unintended Traffic Snarls
September 22, 2015
City Officials Deny Criss Angel Colleague's High-Profile Water Stunt Was A Hoax
September 22, 2015
Neil Raciti Suspended From His Job as a Sheriff's Officer After Allegedly Breaking Someone's Elbow
September 22, 2015
NJ American Water Took Over Water Utility From July 2014 to September 2015
September 22, 2015
Court Appointed Special Advocates Taking Applications to Volunteer at Family Court
September 18, 2015
Two Schools Put Under "Lockout" After Daytime Shootout in Aldi Parking Lot
September 17, 2015
City Officials Decline to Identify Employee, Job Title, or Date of Suspension
September 14, 2015
Emergency Manager Project Provides Training to Teach Public Officials How to Harness New Technology For Disaster Relief
September 10, 2015
Kevin Egan: "I Have Zero Responsibility" For Decisions About Privatization Deal
September 8, 2015
Victim Was Taken to RWJ Hospital After Being Shot on Gatling Court
September 8, 2015
Council Pres. on Attack: "You Don't Even Pay Property Taxes in This Town, Do You?!"
September 7, 2015
Superintendent: Missing Child Was Found in Another Classroom Over Two Hours After Headcount Came Up Short
September 4, 2015
Mayor Gave Fire Official Craig Snediker The Chance to Resign From $73K/Year Job
September 4, 2015
New Superintendent Took Over in July, First Day of School is September 3
September 3, 2015
Roosevelt School Math Teacher Arnold Anderson on Unpaid Suspension Until January
September 3, 2015
Craig Snediker Pleaded Guilty to Felony Wire Fraud in Federal Court on September 2
September 2, 2015
Starting September 1, Small Kids Must Be Buckled in Rear-Facing Car Seats
September 2, 2015
Move Seen as Attempt to Stave Off Unionization by Student Athletes
August 31, 2015
Ida Brangman Had Not Attended Housing Authority Meetings For Over a Year
August 28, 2015
Several NBPA-Owned Parking Meters Shut Down For Christie Campaign Event
August 28, 2015
County Seat No Longer Home to Key Office For Voters and Political Campaigns
August 28, 2015
City Council President Kevin Egan: "We're Into This to Make Money"
August 27, 2015
Officials Do Not Know Why NBHA Website Was Taken Offline
August 27, 2015
Governor to Speak Against Proposed Treaty With Iran at Chabad House on College Ave.
August 22, 2015