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Quintuple-Dipper Lenny Bier Collects Big Pension and Still Works Four Public Jobs, Recently Chaired NBPA Meeting Where Both He and His Consulting Firm Were Hired
March 3, 2016
City Council Approves Appointment of James Harding as Public Defender
March 2, 2016
It Could Be The First Contested Election Since 2013 If All Petitions Are Approved
March 1, 2016
See Who Mayor James Cahill Appointed to Hub City's Newest Government Body
February 29, 2016
Housing Authority Board Refuses to Record Their Meetings, Questions Those Who Do
February 29, 2016
Landfill in East Brunswick Would Rise 55 Feet to Absorb Another Decade of Waste
February 27, 2016
Vacant NBPA Garage Has Sat Unused For Years, CME Associates Lands $291K Contract to Handle Remediation For County Government
February 25, 2016
Kevin McEvoy Assumes Interim Office After David Stahl Becomes Woodbridge Judge
February 25, 2016
Deadline For Candidates to Get on Ballot is February 29, Incumbents Are Running
February 17, 2016
Former NBPD Director Joseph Catanese Refused to Say What Property Was Stolen From His Car, But His Boss TK Shamy Investigated and Revealed it Was a Firearm
February 14, 2016
MCIA Book Recycling Program Sees Strongest Year in History With Addition of Roosevelt Elementary in NB and Mauger Middle School in Middlesex
February 12, 2016
After NBToday Exposed Questionable Tickets at February 3 City Council Meeting, NBHA Executive Director John Clarke Took Action
February 9, 2016
During Construction on Their Elementary School, Students Will Attend Classes in Converted Warehouse on Van Dyke Avenue
February 9, 2016
Locals Organize Bernie Sanders Rally and Fundraiser at Pino’s in Highland Park
February 4, 2016
Pilot Program That Ended Dec. 31 Found LPR Technology's Accuracy Was "Over 92%"
February 4, 2016
Council Hosts Public Meetings Twice Each Month and Videos Are Made Available on Internet, Everyone Gets 5 Minutes to Speak
February 3, 2016
Pressure Mounting Against Questionable Policy Where "Tickets" Are Charged to Residents' Rent
February 2, 2016
Business Administrator Thomas Loughlin Served as Acting Mayor For One Week While Mayor James Cahill "Went to Visit a Friend" in Florida
February 2, 2016
City Council Set to Vote on Four-Year Deal With Municipal Employees Association, Six-Year Deal with Fire Officers Union
February 1, 2016
Board No Longer Has Monday Night Meetings, Agenda-setting Conference Meetings Now Held Directly Before Regular Thursday Meetings
February 1, 2016
Scott Campion Lost His Job as a Sheriff's Officer Years Ago, Sheriff Spicuzzo Rehired Him as a Dispatcher, Now Campion Has Resigned After a High-Profile Drug Arrest
February 1, 2016
Freeholder Says Middlesex County Government is No Longer a Political Machine, Now It's a "Lightweight Group"
February 1, 2016
Entire Budget Open For Public Hearing on March 3 at 7PM at 75 Bayard Street
January 29, 2016
Housing Authority ED John Clarke Says He Sent His Staff to Investigate Filming Without Permit, But When They Arrived, Film Crew Had Already Left
January 27, 2016
Acting Mayor Bans Everyone From Using Roads Except Emergency Responders and "Workers... Directly Responsible For Ensuring The Safety of the Public Through Their Employment"
January 23, 2016
Governor Took No Action on Bill to Replenish Historically Underfunded Entity
January 19, 2016
Dept. of Education Might Make Taking PARCC Mandatory For HS Graduation
January 14, 2016
NJ Legislative Leaders Strike Deal For 2016 Ballot Question to Expand Gambling to Two More Cities Beyond Atlantic City, Despite Increasing Out-of-State Competition
January 12, 2016
Apartment Catches Fire Near Intersection of Redmond and Throop
January 10, 2016
Outgoing Leader Richard Pucci Was Only One to Ever Hold It Since Its Creation in 1991
January 6, 2016
Council President Kevin Egan Fined After Failing to Disclose One of His Rental Properties in the Buccleuch Park Neighborhood
December 30, 2015
City Council Approves Kevin McTernan For Another Five Years on Powerful New Brunswick Parking Authority Board of Commissioners
December 30, 2015
Six Employees Were Honored at November 17 Board of Education Meeting
December 26, 2015
Jumbotron Facing City Train Station Can Be Seen From Across The Raritan River
December 23, 2015
Elizabeth Garlatti Was Only Councilperson to Vote Against the Legislation
December 18, 2015
Notorious Politician Approved For Release Under Intensive Supervision Program
December 17, 2015
Two Years After Being Suspended For Multi-Year Coverup, New Brunswick's Former Chief Water Treatment Plant Operator Ed O'Rourke Admits Guilt in Plea Deal
December 17, 2015
$1.2 Million Effort to Re-assess The Value of Every Property in Hub City Scheduled For 2016, New Numbers Would Affect Taxes Starting in 2017
December 16, 2015
In Cooperation with Rutgers' Big Chill 5k, NBHA Gave Away Hundreds of Toys
December 15, 2015
Some Community Organizations Cite Shortfalls with City's Proposed Ordinance
December 15, 2015
One Firefighter Was Suspended Three Months, Another Forfeited a Shift's Pay, and a Third Has Now Been Suspended Indefinitely After Being Charged With Fraud and Theft
December 12, 2015
23-Year-Old Woman From Lawrenceville Becomes Third Person This Year to Commit Suicide From a City Parking Deck
December 11, 2015
Chairs Purchased Through State Contract Are Destined For Police Headquarters
December 9, 2015
NBPA Board Member Andrea Eato-White Topped List of Overtime Payments at NBHA, Pulling Down Almost One Fifth of Agency's $35K in OT Spending Through September
December 2, 2015
NBFD Employees Wore Pink T-Shirts in October to Benefit The Sisters Network
December 2, 2015
Margaret Brennan Pleaded Guilty to Stealing $57,000 From The Public, Her Pension Will Be Slightly Smaller Because of The Thefts
November 30, 2015
Ordinance Requires Employers Offer 40 Hours of Paid Sick Time Per Year For Fulltime Workers, 24/Year For Part-Time Workers
November 30, 2015
New Brunswick Landlord Paul Cano Has Not Been Sentenced Almost Two Years After He Was Arrested as Part of NJ State Police Takedown of Drug and Gun Sales Network
November 30, 2015
Despite Pallone's Efforts, Gov. Christie Still Has Not Followed Through with 2010 Sustainable Energy Deal
November 30, 2015