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New 4th Ward Council Member Takes Over For Official Who Left to Take MCUA Job
September 1, 2016
Key Decision Goes Against Township's Methodology For Calculating Their Obligation
September 1, 2016
Airbnb and Other Websites Make it Easy For People to Rent Rooms, But Proposed Law Would Have Banned Any Rentals Shorter Than 30 Days
August 29, 2016
Board Of Education President Phillip Heiney Released on Bail After One Night
August 25, 2016
Every Mother in New Jersey Has the Right to Breastfeed in Public
August 24, 2016
Deal Includes No Option For Parole, So Wilbert Hernandez Must Serve Full 30
August 24, 2016
Woodbridge, Carteret Lead The Way With 9 Candidates Each on November 8 Ballot
August 22, 2016
Bill Signed by Gov. Christie Retroactively Prevents Perth Amboy From Switching to April BOE Elections, Bans Other Towns From Trying Same Move
August 21, 2016
Remsterville Learning Center Did Not Notify Authorities About Lost Child
August 16, 2016
Prosecutor Spokesman Inadvertently Announced Man's Arrest Before It Occurred
August 15, 2016
NJ High School Students Get a Taste of College on New Brunswick Campus
August 15, 2016
County Prosecutor's Office Was Called in to Investigate
August 15, 2016
Prosecutors Say Fady Chedid Convinced Woman to Give Him Hartwell Street Home
August 12, 2016
Nomination Still Requires Approval of Senate Judiciary Committee and State Senate
August 10, 2016
Late-Night Crash Caused "Major Damage" to Both Vehicles Involved
August 9, 2016
Eight Lives Abruptly End in Crashes in Just Four Days
August 9, 2016
Natale Fresco Admitted He Was Paid to Work as a Security Guard at Menlo Park Mall While Using Up Sick Days at His Public Job
August 8, 2016
Hub City's First Official Skate Park Opened on July 28
August 5, 2016
Homelessness Decreased 24% in Middlesex County Since Last Year, Hitting 5-Year Low
August 1, 2016
Man From Bound Brook Stabbed in Lower Back During Afternoon of July 26
August 1, 2016
Mayor James Cahill Says It Was "Inappropriate," Assumes Someone From Housing Authority Was Behind $50 Fines Issued "Without Proper Authority or Regulation"
July 27, 2016
1949 Musical Being Performed in Roosevelt Park Through August 6
July 27, 2016
Camera System Used to Process Licenses and ID’s Creates Indefinite Delay
July 26, 2016
Couple Drove Through Carteret Before Pulling Over Near Exit 12 of NJTP
July 25, 2016
Carlo Bellario Was Arrested For Possessing a BB Gun in Woodbridge Last November While Filming an Independent Movie
July 25, 2016
After Missing 13 Out of 20 Meetings Since Being Elected, Fowler Leaves BOE
July 24, 2016
Three Months After Edison Crash, Prosecutor Announces Death by Auto Charge
July 21, 2016
"The Elusiveness of Progress" on Display in Piscataway Now Through August
July 19, 2016
New Brunswick City Employees Allegedly Told Bakery Employee They Would Stop Picking Up Their Garbage If They Didn't Let Them Steal Three Bottles of Water
July 19, 2016
The Event Will Kick Off With Keynote Speakers' Conferences at 4PM on July 20
July 18, 2016
Two Men Hospitalized After Shooting at "Arts Annex" Rental Hall in Tiny Town
July 18, 2016
$2.7 Million Would Create 12-Unit Supportive-Needs Housing Project on Zebra Way
July 17, 2016
Government Lawyer Ben Bucca Also Represented City Planning Board When His Other Employer Wanted Them to Sign Off on New Buildings in New Brunswick
July 14, 2016
Large Parking Deck and Seven Smaller Buildings Would Be Replaced by Mega-Project
July 12, 2016
County Government Sponsors Production of Sister Act in Edison's Roosevelt Park
July 11, 2016
Confidential Document Disposal Program Recycles Personal Paper Waste
July 7, 2016
Officials Hope to Demo Ferren Mall and Parking Deck Soon as Part of Pending Environmental Remediation, as NBPA and DEVCO Seek Partners in Massive Project
July 4, 2016
Non-Profit Developers Create Affordable Housing for NJ's Most Vulnerable Residents, But Demand for Housing Still Greatly Outweighs Supply
July 4, 2016
Mallory Christ Taught Math and Led South Plainfield HS Cheerleading Team
July 4, 2016
County Prosecutor Claims 30-Year-Old Perth Amboy Man Made "Cyber Threat"
July 1, 2016
Kids Party in South Brunswick Nearly Turned Deadly as Boy Fell to Bottom of Pool
June 30, 2016
Elaine Flynn, Who Runs Middlesex County Elections, is Speaking at NB Public Library
June 21, 2016
Message That Went Out Via Text Message Told Commuity to "Seek a Safe Space" and "Shield/Secure" Their Location, Ended With With "TEST TEST"
June 21, 2016
MCPO: 53-Year-Old Pradipkum Shah Killed in His Home on June 10
June 20, 2016
One Broker Gave Thousands to Re-Election Fund of Mayor Jim Cahill, $1,500 to Previous NB Mayor's Campaign For State Senate
June 20, 2016
Perth Amboy Police Among More Than a Dozen Law Enforcement Agencies Thanked For Involvement in Major Investigation
June 20, 2016
Freeholders Approve Expenses For Public Golf Courses That Were "Ignored" For Years Under Leadership of Richard Pucci
June 15, 2016
Thomas Loughlin Personally Responded and Summoned City Firefighters After Utility Wires Left Piled Up on Second Ward Sidewalk
June 15, 2016
Partner in Out-of-County Law Firm Faces Criminal Charge For Lying About Crash
June 14, 2016