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Nephew of Mayor's Aide Kevin Jones Hired to $36,000-Per-Year City Job
November 2, 2014
No Mention of New Brunswick Projects in State of the County Address
November 2, 2014
County and State Questions Present Possible Policy Changes to Pretrial Detention Policies, Environmental Preservation, and More
November 1, 2014
New Jersey's Sixth Congressional District Designed to Keep Frank Pallone in Power
October 29, 2014
Based on High Temperature Reading, Nurse Who Had Returned From West Africa Was Kept in Tent at University Hospital For 65 Hours
October 28, 2014
Feds Already Named Four Out-of-State Facilities as "First-Tier," Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital Selected For "Second-Tier"
October 23, 2014
Pallone Has Served as New Brunswick's Congressman For Over Two Decades
October 23, 2014
City Still Uses Tiny Town's Shelter For Kennel Services Despite Documented Problems
October 19, 2014
New Brunswick Population Increased by 1,300 People Between 2010 and 2013
October 17, 2014
Eagleton Institute Poll Shows State Residents May Be Souring on Governor
October 16, 2014
Elks Re-Elected Mahony as Their Treasurer Just Months After State Police Busted Him in Takedown of Drug & Gun Network
October 16, 2014
New Brunswick School Board Hired William Librera's Firm to Lead Search for New Superintendent to Replace Richard Kaplan
October 16, 2014
Government Believed Larger Meeting Room Not Necessary After Mitch Broder Got Carpenters to End Opposition to Controversial Mine Street Plans
October 10, 2014
Courthouse Will Display Artifacts From The Famous Hall-Mills Murder Case in New Brunswick
October 10, 2014
County Asks Residents to Check That Voter Registration is Up-to-Date to Ensure Smooth Process on November 4 General Election
October 8, 2014
City of New Brunswick Hopes myWaste Application Will Be Popular Among Rutgers Sizable Off-campus Student Population
October 8, 2014
Planning Director Glenn Patterson Recommended Aravind Aithal Replace Ben Bucca, Who Says He Will Be Exonerated in Ethics Board Hearing on NBT Editor's Complaint
October 7, 2014
Mine Street Gets Its Name From a Copper Mine That Ran Through Sixth Ward
October 6, 2014
Franklin Democratic Party Chairman Joseph Danielsen Defeated New Brunswick Resident Jim Walsh to Replace Upendra Chivukula in NJ Assembly
October 5, 2014
Joy Transportation Bus Crashed at Intersection of Livingston and Loretto Last Week
September 29, 2014
46-Page Draft Plan Released, Deadline For Public Input Extended to October 1
September 29, 2014
Near Jersey Avenue Train Station, County Yard Will Be Expanded to Incorporate Abandoned Mile Run Yard
September 26, 2014
Chuck Savoth and Michael Bacorn Were Cops Last Year, But Quit Only to Begin Collecting Pensions and Get Re-Hired by City Government Months Later
September 26, 2014
Middlesex County Utilities Authority Manages Sewer System and County Landfill
September 25, 2014
5-Year Pilot Program Comes to End This December, No Bill Introduced to Continue It
September 22, 2014
Joyce Sagi Worked for Rutgers For 26 Years Before Leaving to Start Her Own Business
September 20, 2014
As Treatments Improve, More People Living Longer Despite Deadly Immune Diseases
September 19, 2014
Assemblyman Will Leave Elected Office if His Nomination is Confirmed by State Senate
September 18, 2014
Controversial Deal Revisited For First Time Since Council Cut Short Public Comments, Approved "Temporary" 45-Day Privatization That Has Been Effect For Last 72 Days
September 17, 2014
177 Paying Customers Parked in Buccluech on Saturday, State Laws Force City to Put Funds Raised Towards Park Maintenance
September 12, 2014
Republicans From Across NJ Gather at Hilton Ballroom For Governor's 52nd Birthday
September 12, 2014
43 Middlesex County Residents Who Died in September 11, 2001 Attacks Are Not Forgotten 13 Years Later
September 12, 2014
Rutgers Plays Penn State at 8PM, But Parking Anywhere on Easton is Not Allowed From 8AM Saturday Until 4AM Sunday
September 12, 2014
District Hopes to Save Money Longterm by Installing More Efficient Lighting, Heating, and Cooling Systems
September 5, 2014
After Years of Advocacy, First Reformed Church Will Be Turned into 10 Units of Housing Thanks to State and City Funding
September 5, 2014
City Officials Previously Said it Was Tough to Find Crossing Guards to Fill Every Post
September 5, 2014
William Tambussi is Norcross' Personal Attorney
September 3, 2014
Christie is Bringing Three Members of the Rutgers Board of Governors With Him
September 3, 2014
First Installation Took Place Friday Next to Hidden Grounds Coffee Shop
September 3, 2014
Plan Lacks Council Approval, Could Violate Deed Restriction Dating Back to When Park Was Given to City in 1911
September 2, 2014
Karen Finley & Other Officials at Redflex Face Charges of Bribing Public Officials
August 30, 2014
Mayor Jim Cahill Refuses to Answer Questions About Water System He is Temporarily Overseeing
August 26, 2014
36 Military Surplus Assault Rifles Are in Possession of Middlesex Police Agencies
August 23, 2014
Federal Upgrade of 23 Miles of Northeast Corridor Will Eventually Enable Trains to Travel at Speeds Approaching 160MPH
August 23, 2014
NBPA's Oldest Deck is Slated For Demolition, But Some Downtown Businesses Think Closure Would Be a Mistake
August 23, 2014
Schools Superintendent Timothy Capone Slated to Receive $112,766 in Separation Agreement Approved Last Night by Board of Ed
August 19, 2014
Robert Rawls, Who Earns $155,000 Salary, Sentenced to Pay Just $206 For Violation
August 19, 2014
New Brunswick City Council Will Vote on James Hoebich's Nomination Wednesday August 20
August 18, 2014
NB Parking Authority Hopes Big 10 Will Help Them Make Good on $249M Debt
August 17, 2014