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After Another Man Got Out of a Vehicle and Shot Him Twice, The Victim Ran Into Hub Liquors and Then Out Onto French Street
December 26, 2015
NBPD Has Not Publicized The Incident That Occurred Just After 1AM on December 25
December 26, 2015
NBPD Did Not Make Any Arrests, Waited Six Days to Confirm The Crime Happened
December 23, 2015
Incident Occurred Near Talmadge Street in Second Ward
December 16, 2015
Dion Napier's Lawyer Says He Was Taken to Hospital From NBPD Headquarters, Police Charged Him With Nearly a Dozen Offenses
December 16, 2015
City Police Investigating Gunpoint Robbery on Morrell Street, Strongarm Robbery That Injured Two on Mine Street, & Bizarre Gun Incident on Nichol Av.
December 12, 2015
Crime Alert: Rutgers Man Injured in Mugging Near Greenhouses at 7PM
December 12, 2015
23-Year-Old Woman From Lawrenceville Becomes Third Person This Year to Commit Suicide From a City Parking Deck
December 11, 2015
Crime Alert: Woman Asked to Enter SUV by Strangers, But After She Declined, a Man Tried to Push Her In Until Bystanders Yelled
December 11, 2015
No Crime Alert Issued After Guilden Street Residents Awoke to Find Suspects Robbing Their House, One Resident Chased Them Out into The Street
December 2, 2015
Police Captain Confirms Two People Reported Injured, No Kids on Bus
November 30, 2015
New Brunswick Landlord Paul Cano Has Not Been Sentenced Almost Two Years After He Was Arrested as Part of NJ State Police Takedown of Drug and Gun Sales Network
November 30, 2015
Dell Walker Not Suspended Despite Charges of Insurance Fraud, Theft, and Forgery
November 24, 2015
On Same Night That Three Were Injured in Knifefight at Rutgers, a 17-Year-Old Was Also Stabbed in Parking Lot of New Brunswick Walgreens
November 24, 2015
NBPD Confirmed Report of Nonfatal Shooting Monday Morning at Seaman & Lee
November 23, 2015
Crime Alerts Reveal Suspects Were Armed With Handguns or in One Case a BB Gun
November 22, 2015
John Muller Also Admitted to Harassing The Woman's Eight-Year-Old Grandson
November 20, 2015
Highland Park Bank Alerted Authorities to Bogus Payroll Checks
November 20, 2015
Police Arrest Two After Traffic Stop, Claiming to Find Two Guns in Their Vehicle
November 20, 2015
Police Still Haven't Answered Questions About Unpublicized Violent Crimes Including At Least One Stabbing, Shots Fired, and Assault With a Metal Rod
November 8, 2015
Michael Bacorn Back on Job After City Runs Afoul of NJ Pension Regulations
November 6, 2015
37-Year Veteran of Edison Force Reportedly Retired Amid a Battle With Cancer, Authorities Say He Used Up His Sick Days While Working at Menlo Park Mall
November 5, 2015
Each of Last Three NBPD Directors Still on Public Payroll While Collecting Pensions
November 4, 2015
Wounded Person Left Blood Trails in Mettler Hall, According to Police Radio
October 30, 2015
City Police Calling Ex-Military 6x6 Vehicle a "Mobile Community Police Precinct"
October 21, 2015
Task Force Involved US Postal Postal Inspection Service, Somerset Co. Prosucutor's Office, a Somerset Co. Sheriff's Office Police Dog, and Local Police
October 17, 2015
October 6 Power Outage Comes Four Months After Nearby Transformer Explosion
October 11, 2015
Mayor James Cahill Expected to Sign Off on Deal With PBA 23 and 23A Unions, Continuing Annual Raises For Officers
October 10, 2015
Victim Dropped Off at RWJ Hospital Shortly After Shooting at 33 Commercial
October 7, 2015
Sheriff Millie Scott Received a Suspicious Package, Causing an Evacuation
October 7, 2015
RUSA Votes Against Creating a Committee to Address Sexual Assault Issues on Campus
October 1, 2015
Days After He Was Charged With Assault and Suspended From His Job as Middlesex County Sheriff's Officer, Neil Raciti Gets Busted on Weapons Charge
September 29, 2015
Radazz Hearns Was Shot Seven Times by State Police and Mercer County Sheriff's Officers Who Still Have Not Been Identified to Public
September 29, 2015
Neil Raciti Suspended From His Job as a Sheriff's Officer After Allegedly Breaking Someone's Elbow
September 22, 2015
Jeffrey Monticello Violated NBPD Policy, Complaint Filed With IA by NBToday Editor
September 22, 2015
Two Schools Put Under "Lockout" After Daytime Shootout in Aldi Parking Lot
September 17, 2015
University Breaks Its Promise to Notify Community of Serious Incidents
September 14, 2015
RU Football Team Falls to Washington State as Scandals Get Even Worse
September 13, 2015
Amid Heightened Scrutiny, Rutgers Tried to Keep This Violent Crime Under Wraps
September 10, 2015
Faculty Union Issues Statement Calling For Results of Investigation into Football Coach to Be Made Public, Decision on His Future Could Come on Friday September 11
September 10, 2015
Victim Was Taken to RWJ Hospital After Being Shot on Gatling Court
September 8, 2015
RU Football Suffers Another Pre-Season Blow as Police Arrest Much of Their Starting Secondary on Charges of Assault and Armed Home Invasions
September 3, 2015
Rutgers Crime Alert Says Victim Struck by "Unknown Projectile" From Passing Vehicle
August 30, 2015
Middlesex County Sheriff's Officer Lakia Torres Sustained Minor Injuries
August 22, 2015
NBPD Captain: "Aggressive Officers" Need Taxpayer-Funded Lawyers More Often
August 19, 2015
Christopher Murray Terminated on July 31, But RU Won't Give Details on Suspension
August 17, 2015
New Brunswick Camera May Be First in NJ to Come Down Since State Program Ended, But It's Been Left Roadside For Over a Month
August 16, 2015
Joseph Spicuzzo Remains in State Prison After Long Career of Blatant Corruption
August 10, 2015
Disturbances on Redmond Street and Louis Street Left Four People Stabbed
August 3, 2015