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Lawsuit: Police Busted Down Wrong Door, Beat 2 Innocent Rutgers Students in Their Home
August 27, 2012
Brad Berdel Violated 3 Police Procedures the Night He Killed an Unarmed Man
August 22, 2012
Two Boys' Deaths Ruled Accidental
August 9, 2012
NBPD Confirms Bodies Belonged to Francisco Pereira & Devine Nicholas
August 6, 2012
Friends, Ages 10 & 11, Went Missing Around 6pm Sunday Night
August 6, 2012
Mixed Results in Trials of 2 Arrested at Sept. 30 Protest Against NBPD Killing
August 2, 2012
Police Shooting Victim Files Federal Lawsuit Against City and County
July 31, 2012
After Program Was Abolished in 1990's, City Tried to Bring it Back Once Before
July 28, 2012
Sources Say There May be a Criminal Investigation into Nicholas Sewitch, Who Left the Middlesex County Prosecutor's Office After 28 Years on July 1
July 26, 2012
Ryshawn Hameen Cromedy Arrested After Someone Called the Police to Report a Man With a Gun
July 13, 2012
Michael John Davidson Facing Federal Charges For Attempting to Board International Flight At Newark Airport
July 12, 2012
More Legal Payments Likely to Defend Officers Brad Berdel and Daniel Mazan in Civil Suit
July 9, 2012
City Officials Can't Say How Much Money They've Made or If They Have Made Intersection Any Safer
June 30, 2012
At 2:30 am, Police Responded to a Shots Fired Call to Find Two Men Injured, Including One Shot in the Mouth
June 28, 2012
Police and Fire Personnel Searched Neighborhood For Almost an Hour Before Locating Unconscious Child in Backyard Pool on Laurel Place
June 20, 2012
County Freeholder Who Manages Property & Homeowner's Association Board Silent
June 14, 2012
Leading US News Agency Denied 911 Tapes & Documents From 2009 Debacle That Exposed Controversial Spy Operation
June 12, 2012
Route 1 Southbound Shut Down For Hours as HAZMAT Crew Cleans Up The Mess
June 3, 2012
New Brunswick Mayor's Aide Was Also The Runner-Up For Trenton's Police Director Position
May 28, 2012
Officers Say Ahmad Reddice Tried to Flee Before Stopping to Point a Loaded Handgun in Their Direction Before Fleeing Again
May 20, 2012 Editor Forceably Removed From Fulton Square Homeowners' Association Meeting By Board Member
May 17, 2012
Officer Brad Berdel Not Indicted by 23-Member Grand Jury in Killing of Barry Deloatch
May 10, 2012
Richard Chang, 40, Died in His Home on Birch Court, Possibly Killed by a Stray Rifle Round
May 6, 2012
The County Collected 311 Guns in a Gun Surrender Program Held Over the Weekend
April 30, 2012
Police Seeking Suspects in Assaults Reported on High Street and in the Restroom at Harvest Moon Brewery
April 29, 2012
Harold Williams, 60, Allegedly Used a Cellphone to Take Upskirt Pictures of an Underage Girl
April 26, 2012
17-Year Veteran of NBPD Accuses Ex-Director Peter Mangarella of Transferring Racial Minorities From Desirable Assignments
March 16, 2012
Police Employee in Charge of Vehicle Fleet Was Charged With Possession on Feb. 22
March 12, 2012
Andrew Ferrazzoli, 51, Managed Department's Vehicle Fleet Until He Was Charged With Possession of Cocaine in February
March 6, 2012
Aakash Dalal, 19, of Lodi Charged With Masterminding Attacks on Synagogues
March 6, 2012
University Spokesman EJ Miranda Says Only That RU Had No Clue What Was Going On
February 20, 2012
Over 70 Turn Out To Protest Latest Police Shooting Despite Chilly Weather
February 13, 2012
Six-Term Incumbent Mayor Attacks Police Brutality Activist Tormel Pittman, Blames Him For Increase In Violence
February 3, 2012
New Brunswick Detectives Weiss and Bornheimer Involved in Remsen Avenue Shooting That Leaves One Man Wounded
February 1, 2012
Charges Against Sgt. Richard Rowe Cause City To Re-Open Complaint Process For Anyone With Allegations Against NBPD Since 2003
January 30, 2012
Afternoon Shooting Took Place in Brunswick Arms Apartments on Livingston Ave.
December 27, 2011
Derick Stevens Was Suspended Without Pay From $70,291/Year Job on December 8
December 25, 2011
Also on Agenda: Council to Give Away a Portion of Comstock St., Approve Nearly $300K in Police Spending
December 21, 2011
Jury Will Be Seated In January And Serve For Up to 23 Days Consecutively
December 12, 2011
17-Year-Old Wounded in Early Morning Shooting In Somerset Street Neighborhood
December 9, 2011
U.S. Attorney's Office Brings Federal Bank Fraud Charges on Tax Lawyer
December 7, 2011