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Two Candidates Vying to Succeed Longtime County Freeholder From New Brunswick
March 11, 2019
Mayor Cahill Retains Seat After Challenge From NBT Editor Charlie Kratovil
November 20, 2018
The Race for Mayor of New Brunswick Heats Up as City Residents Make Their Choice.
November 6, 2018
After Beating Criminal Charges, Senator's Re-Election Campaign Prevailed in Primary
September 14, 2018
This News Outlet Will Continue to Serve Our City Beyond The Upcoming Election
June 19, 2018
New Brunswick Today Editor Challenges Mayor Cahill with an Ambitious Platform
June 19, 2018
Edward Spencer, Diana Solis, and Ronald Hush Prevailed in Seven-Way Race
April 23, 2018
Record-High Seven Candidates Appearing on Ballots in This Year's BOE Race
April 17, 2018
Bills Would Restore Voting Rights to 94,000 Residents, Including Prisoners
March 29, 2018
Three Incumbents Will Face Four Challengers in Race For Three School Board Seats
March 6, 2018
Senator's Friend Awaits Sentencing on Separate Charges of Defrauding Medicare
February 12, 2018
Local Races in South River and South Amboy Are Still Too Close to Call
November 8, 2017
Number of Registered Voters in Downtown District Has Almost Doubled Since 2004
November 6, 2017
Two Favored to Win Prevail in Races That Included a Total of 11 Candidates
June 22, 2017
Frontrunner Murphy Accused of "Buying" Endorsements of All 21 County Party Orgs
June 5, 2017
In Wake of Trump's Victory, Progressive Democrats Challenge The Establishment
June 5, 2017
US Senator Bob Menendez Visited New Brunswick to Highlight Impact on NIH
June 4, 2017
Two School Board Candidates Now Must Face Off in Upcoming Runoff Election
May 12, 2017
Five Candidates Including Four Incumbents On Ballot, Along With School Budget
April 24, 2017
Roland Amos Found Guilty of Fatally Shooting His Next-Door Neighbor in 2014
March 31, 2017
Trump Administration Could Potentially Turn Out Like Christie's Lackluster Tenure
January 27, 2017
Phil Murphy and John Wisniewski Are Leading Contenders For Democrat Nomination
December 17, 2016
Trump Demotes Christie as Criminal Ties Continue to Dog Embattled Governor
November 18, 2016
Ballot Question That Would Have Ended School Board Elections Forever Failed
November 15, 2016
Trump Promises to Introduce Term Limits That May Affect Pallone's Future
November 11, 2016
Governor Christie Could Leave New Jersey Behind and Get a Promotion to Federal Office, After His Aides Are Convicted and His Popularity Here Reaches Rock Bottom
November 11, 2016
110 Candidates Compete For Volunteer Positions on School Boards, Plus Four Towns Host Mayor Elections, Plus Other Races for Councils, Congress, Freeholder, and Sheriff
November 8, 2016
In Addition to Regular Elections, Voters Also Decide Who Will Fill Vacant Seats in NJ Legislature, Six Town Councils, and Four Boards of Education
November 8, 2016
Only Two Towns in Middlesex County Hold Nonpartisan Elections, Both Will Elect Mayors and Council Members on November 8
November 8, 2016
Republican Damon Montesano Challenges 16-Year Incumbent Mayor Brian Wahler
November 8, 2016
Free September 20 Event in Perth Amboy Aims to Educate Public on their Rights
September 14, 2016
Woodbridge, Carteret Lead The Way With 9 Candidates Each on November 8 Ballot
August 22, 2016
Nomination Still Requires Approval of Senate Judiciary Committee and State Senate
August 10, 2016
"The Elusiveness of Progress" on Display in Piscataway Now Through August
July 19, 2016
Elaine Flynn, Who Runs Middlesex County Elections, is Speaking at NB Public Library
June 21, 2016
Thomas Loughlin Personally Responded and Summoned City Firefighters After Utility Wires Left Piled Up on Second Ward Sidewalk
June 15, 2016
November Mayor Election Matchups Set For Piscataway and East Brunswick, and Fourteen Other Middlesex County Municipalities With Contested Races
June 7, 2016
Hillary Clinton Earned 61% of The Vote in Middlesex County, But Millie Scott Had Highest Vote Total
June 7, 2016
NJ Democratic Presidential Primary Pits Hillary Clinton Against Bernie Sanders
June 7, 2016
Retired Sheriff's Officer "Peter" Pedro Pisar Running Against Current Officer David Pawski in June 7 Primary, Winner Will Face Incumbent Sheriff Millie Scott
June 7, 2016
2016 Campaign Begins With a Twist: Garlatti Decides Not to Seek Re-election
April 26, 2016
Polls Open Until 9PM, Four Candidates Vying For Three Seats on City School Board
April 19, 2016
Patricia Sadowski, Benito Ortiz, & Jennifer Shukaitis Win 2:1 in Low-Turnout Election
April 19, 2016
Veteran Incumbents Stay Home, Leaving Candidates Jennifer Shukaitis and Yesenia Medina-Hernandez to Field Tough Questions in Two Languages at Bilingual Forum
April 18, 2016
One BOE Candidate's Petition Rejected, Leaving Four in Race For Three Seats
March 16, 2016
Locals Organize Bernie Sanders Rally and Fundraiser at Pino’s in Highland Park
February 4, 2016
Borough Mayor Participates in Swearing-In Ceremony for Canine Mayor "Lincoln"
November 17, 2015
County Seat No Longer Home to Key Office For Voters and Political Campaigns
August 28, 2015
Governor to Speak Against Proposed Treaty With Iran at Chabad House on College Ave.
August 22, 2015