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RU Used Three Online Exam Proctoring Companies Before Examity Cut Ties in October
examity examity

Sixth Cyberattack on Rutgers Despite $3M Spent to Stop Cyberattacks
Twitter user "exfocus," who took credit for the attacks Twitter

Proceeds Going to Help Center's Growing Outpatient Care and Support Programs
RWJ Somerset
RWJ Somerset RWJ Somerset

Edison Memorial Tower Celebrates Life and Inventions of Thomas Alva Edison
Edison logo
Since 1954, the Township to the north of New Brunswick has been named for its most famous resident, Thomas Edison. Charlie Kratovil

Rutgers University Vice President Bruce Fehn: "We Were Not Well Protected"
Barchi and Fehn
University President Bob Barchi and Vice President Bruce Fehn at a Rutgers Board of Governors meeting. Charlie Kratovil

Under Pressure From Media, Verificient Technologies Says It Erased Spring Semester Student Data on September 1, But Didn't Send Notifications For Two Weeks After That

Student-Monitoring, Anti-Cheating Company Leaves Students in Dark About Their Personal Data, Failing to Meet Agreeement to Notify Them When It Has Been Purged

Cyber-Attack Takes Down Key Rutgers Servers For Second Time in a Month
Only Cash Sign
A sign at a Livingston campus shops tells customers with credit cards that they can't be accepted due to a "network outage." Daniel Munoz

Verificient Technologies CEO Tells New Brunswick Today It Has Plans to Expand
Verificient logo
Verificient Technologies, the company behind ProctorTrack Verificient Technologies

Great Minds Collaborate to Solve World Issues at Livingston Student Center
Todd Nakamura
Todd Nakamura, founder of GDG North Jersey, addresses the crowd at GoogleX at Rutgers. GDG North Jersey