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Most Greek Life Social Events Banned by RU Office of Fraternity and Sorority Affairs
DKE Fraternity
The DKE fraternity on College Avenue was suspended after a 19-year-old woman died from an alcohol overdose. Kevin Palomo

Anti-Abortion Group Touts Support of NJ Governor Who Once Described Himself as "Pro-Choice"
Gov. Christie
Gov. Chris Christie's position on abortion has changed over time. Daniel Munoz

Classes Offered at Both Mason Gross School and RWJ Hospital on Wednesdays and Saturdays March through June
David Tamaki
Head Instructor for this Program David Tamaki Mason Gross School of the Arts

$1 Billion Allocated Since 2007 to Improving Access to Healthier Foods and Opportunities to be Physically Active
Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

Center For Disease Control and Prevention Funding Research Into Dramatic Rise in Number of Autism Diagnoses
NJ Autism Study
NJ Autism Study Rutgers New Jersey Medical School

Merger Between RWJ and Nine Barnabas Medical Facilities Could Create the Largest Hospital Network in Garden State
St. Barnabas
St. Barnabas Medical Center Barnabas Health

New Market Opened in Franklin Township, Annual Fundraising Concert at Tumulty's
Better World Market
Better World Market Better World Market

Parents of Kids Ages 1-5 Will Also Receive Hands-on Education on Child Development
Children's Specialized Hospital
Children's Specialized Hospital

"Women’s Health and Dignity for the 21st Century" is Theme of Free Event on Douglass
Douglass Global Summit
The first-ever Douglass Global Summit is taking place Saturday at the Douglass Student Center on George Street. Rutgers University

Lower Possession Thresholds Would Incarcerate More People, According to OLS