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Attorney General: Robert Baker Failed to Perform Required Bacterial Coliform Tests
South River Water Dept.
South River Water Dept. Google Maps

New State Law Supercedes 2015 Ordinance Passed Here in New Brunswick
Phil Murphy
Governor Phil Murphy signed legislation making New Jersey the tenth state to guarantee paid sick leave to all workers. NJ Citizen Action

Federal Energy Regulatory Commission Only Accepts Comments Behind Closed Doors
Proposed Compressor Station
Neighbors are concerned about the Williams Transco corporation's proposal to build a gas compressor station in Franklin. Williams Transco

Historian: 1918 Flu Outbreak Was "Most Deadly Single Event Ever Recorded"
Unknown Soldier
New Brunswick's "unknown soldier," a victim of the 1918 Spanish Flu pandemic is buried in the Willow Grove cemetery. Charlie Kratovil

33-Year-Old Sayreville Resident Facing Identity Theft Charges After Allegedly Breaking Into a Storage Locker, Stealing Over 1,000 Medical Records, and Then Selling Them
Homeland Security Investigations
Homeland Security Investigations ICE

Virginia Native Lends Innovative Costume Idea to Dairy Queen Fundraiser
Josh Sundquist
Josh Sundquist Children's Specialized Hospital