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Wife Reportedly Yelled He Was a "Manipulative Monster" at Sentencing
Michael Dotro
Michael Dotro NJ Dept. of Corrections

Small Town's Former Recreation Director Convicted on 20 Criminal Counts by Jury
Christopher Tarver
Christopher Tarver Middlesex County Prosecutor's Office

Altercation Escalated After Group Was Denied Entry to Fraternity-Sorority Event
Hamilton St.
Hamilton Street was the scene of a shooting on October 28. Bing Maps

New Brunswick Detective Was Also Injured While Chasing a Suspect on Foot
Crash at Seaman and Jones
New Brunswick Today's Carlos Ramírez was the first reporter on the scene after this car wreck. Carlos Ramírez

Brandon Cox Admitted to Kidnapping a Nine-Month-Old Baby and Sexually Assaulting The Mother in a Basement on Harper Street Last February
Brandon Cox
Brandon Cox NJ Dept. of Corrections

MCPO Claimed Cops "Revived" Arrestee When They Really Used Pepper Spray on Him
Nagahama Arrest
Prosecutors led the public to believe this man was "revived" by the four officers who actually arrested him. New Brunswick Today

Police Admit to Arresting and Using Force Against Daniel Nagahama in His Final Hours
Carey and Nagahama
Prosecutor Andrew Carey and the late Daniel Nagahama, who died after a run-in with Highland Park Police last summer. Charlie Kratovil/PACE University

Rutgers' Mettler Hall Dormitory Was Scene of Creepy Crime Against Student
Bishop Quad
Mettler Hall is one of four dormitories located in the university's historic Bishop Quad on College Avenue. Bing Maps

Police Still Finishing Investigation Into Woman's Claim She Was Profiled on July 25
Franklin Township Police Dept. Franklin Twp. Police

City and Insurance Fund Paid Lawyers Over $1 Million Before Settling Case For $172K
Jim Cahill
Mayor James Cahill is an attorney, but he also has four of his own lawyers working two big cases. Sean Monahan