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University Spokesman EJ Miranda Says Only That RU Had No Clue What Was Going On
Rutgers University seal
Rutgers University's muslim student organizations in Newark and New Brunswick were targets for CIA-trained undercover NYPD spies Rutgers Univ.

Over 70 Turn Out To Protest Latest Police Shooting Despite Chilly Weather
Victor Rodriguez Protest Rally
Protest for Victor Rodriguez, a 19-year-old who was shot by undercover police after he fired a starter's pistol on Remsen Ave. Mike Shanahan

Six-Term Incumbent Mayor Attacks Police Brutality Activist Tormel Pittman, Blames Him For Increase In Violence
Tormel Pittman
Tormel Pittman has emerged as the leader of an anti-police-brutality movement that has consistently been against all violence. Kenneth Tinley

New Brunswick Detectives Weiss and Bornheimer Involved in Remsen Avenue Shooting That Leaves One Man Wounded
Family waits to cross crime scene
A family waits for permission from police to walk through the three-block wide crime scene to get home. Sean Monahan

Charges Against Sgt. Richard Rowe Cause City To Re-Open Complaint Process For Anyone With Allegations Against NBPD Since 2003
Internal Affairs
Internal Affairs head Richard Rowe was indicted for mishandling 81 investigations into his fellow officers.

Afternoon Shooting Took Place in Brunswick Arms Apartments on Livingston Ave.
Brunswick Arms
Brunswick Arms Apartments, 119 Livingston Ave. Google Maps

Derick Stevens Was Suspended Without Pay From $70,291/Year Job on December 8
Middlesex County Jail
The Middlesex County Jail, often referred to as "the Workhouse," is located in North Brunswick on Rt. 130. Bing Maps

Also on Agenda: Council to Give Away a Portion of Comstock St., Approve Nearly $300K in Police Spending
New Brunswick City Council
New Brunswick's City Council meets on the first and third Wednesdays of each month. City of New Brunswick

Jury Will Be Seated In January And Serve For Up to 23 Days Consecutively
October 22 Day of Action Against Police Brutality
The shooting death of Barry Deloatch has awakened the community and raised the profile of the police brutality issue. Charlie Kratovil