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Prosecutor's Office Claimed Detective Stole Cash, But Kept The Theft of Heroin Quiet
Matthew Barcheski
Officer Matthew Barcheski could avoid having a criminal record if he is admitted to Middlesex County's Drug Court program. Charlie Kratovil

Indicted Suspects From Hub City and Milltown Are All Members of Fuqua Family
Tyrone Osorio
Tyrone Osorio

Highland Park Officer Suspended After Being Charged With DWI and Assault by Auto
Norman Brown
Suspended Highland Park Police Officer Norman Brown Facebook

31-Year-Old Frank Polera Imprisoned After Admitting to Aggravated Manslaughter
Patricia Polera
Patricia Polera Shore Point Funeral Home

Burglary Suspect Took Keys From Homes Before Riding Away in Victim's Vehicles
Burglary Suspect
Burglary Suspect NBPD

Amarlis Calderon Pleaded Guilty to Aggravated Manslaughter of Pablo Caamano
Pablo Caamano
Pablo Caamano LinkedIn

CPD Allegedly Failed to Investigate Mental Health and Criminal History of Applicants
Carteret PD Vehicle
Carteret police vehicle parked outside the Middlesex County Courthouse, where the MCPO is fighting to revoke firearms permits. Charlie Kratovil

Marquise Prather Reproduced "Intimate Photos and Videos" He Found by Illegally Searching The Phones of Women During Traffic Stops
NJ State Police vehicle parked illegally outside the Middlesex County Courthouse Charlie Kratovil

Man Convicted of South Brunswick Murder Will Be Eligible For Parole in 15 Years
Giver Vasquez
Giver Vasquez will be imprisoned until at least 2033, and will remain behind bars for life if he is not paroled. NJ Dept. of Corrections

Judge Flynn Presided Over His Trial Before Recusing Herself From Subsequent Case
Neil Raciti
Suspended Middlesex County Sheriff's Officer Neil Raciti MySpace