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Chamari Webb Died After Being Shot Four Blocks From Franklin-NB Border
Chamari Webb
Chamari Webb

Owner Agreed to $326,000 Fine and Lifetime Pet-Selling Ban
Just Pups
Just Pups' East Brunswick location has closed forever. Google Maps

Three Weeks Later, Police Asked For Public's Help Identifying Thief
The thief allegedly claimed to have a gun when he was confronted by a passerby. New Brunswick Police Department

Woman Charged With Careless Driving After Striking 71-Year-Old Man on Easton Ave.
Easton Avenue
Easton Avenue was the scene where a 71-year-old pedestrian was struck by an allegedly careless driver. Bing Maps

Michael Tuhy Also Charged With Making Terroristic Threats and Exposing Himself
Michael Tuhy
Michael Tuhy is a free man despite allegations against him Facebook

North Brunswick Man Charged in Connection With Death of Desiree Alvarado
Alvarado Family
The Alvarado family lost their mother on the morning of July 14 in a fatal shooting on Seventh Street.

29-Year-Old Nurse Also Worked at St. Peter's and Home Healthcare Company

Police Director and Business Administrator Also Get Taxpayer-Funded Attorneys
Middleton promotion
Mayor Cahill promoted Steven Middleton in January 2011, but Middleton contends he was repeatedly passed over due to his race. City of New Brunswick

Several Agencies Seized Eight Kilos of Coke in Unusual Police Operation
Masked man
Masked man on Redmond Street porch Charlie Kratovil

Imitation Firearm Later Found In Wooded Area of Jersey Avenue
Robeson Village
Robeson Village Bing Maps