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City Government

New Community Center Opened This Month in Decommissioned Firehouse at 81 Remsen Avenue

County Road Project Forces City to Remove Cameras, But Statewide Pilot Program is Set to End Soon
Red Light Camera
New Brunswick's unpopular red light cameras are set to be removed later this year as part of a road construction project. Charlie Kratovil

Ronald Bellafronte Has Been Suspended Since March 5 For Using a Racial Slur to Describe an African-American City Attorney
City Council
Kevin Egan led Wednesday's City Council meeting, in the absence of Council President Rebecca Escobar. Charlie Kratovil

Democratic Party Official and County Counsel Tom Kelso Represents RWJ, DEVCO, Boraie, and Others
Tom Kelso
Tom Kelso works for Middlesex County taxpayers by day, and New Brunswick's biggest real estate developers by night. Charlie Kratovil

NBC New York: Robert Rawls Involved in 19 Accidents, Most of Them Since 2002
Robert Rawls Driving Record
NBC New York broke the story tonight that New Brunswick's embattled Fire Director has a spotty driving record. NBC New York

City Police File Minor Charges: Careless Driving, Failure to Stop For Pedestrians
NBFD Director Robert Rawls struck three children with his city vehicle on Tuesday, seriously injuring them. Charlie Kratovil

City's Hearing Officer Decides Ronald Bellafronte Can Return to Work After Unspecified Suspension
Charlie Kratovil

Market Has Not Paid Rent to the City's Parking Authority in Over a Year
Patrick Burns
FreshGrocer CEO Pat Burns has not responded to inquiries related to the impending closure of his New Brunswick store. theFreshGrocer

NBFD Director Robert Rawls Struck Juveniles with City Vehicle Between Delavan and Sandford Streets
Robert Rawls
New Brunswick Fire Director Rawls struck three children in his city vehicle on Livingston Avenue today. ABC New York