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City Government

City of New Brunswick Hopes myWaste Application Will Be Popular Among Rutgers Sizable Off-campus Student Population
Dept. of Public Works
New Brunswick's Department of Public Works is taking a step into the 21st century with the myWaste smartphone application. Charlie Kratovil

Planning Director Glenn Patterson Recommended Aravind Aithal Replace Ben Bucca, Who Says He Will Be Exonerated in Ethics Board Hearing on NBT Editor's Complaint
Ben Bucca
Ben Bucca has been accused by NBToday's Editor Charlie Kratovil of inappropriately using his public office to benefit Rutgers. Charlie Kratovil

177 Paying Customers Parked in Buccluech on Saturday, State Laws Force City to Put Funds Raised Towards Park Maintenance
Buccleuch Park
Two large trucks parked in Buccleuch Park were among the 177 vehicles that football fans paid to park in the city's largest park Charlie Kratovil

After Years of Advocacy, First Reformed Church Will Be Turned into 10 Units of Housing Thanks to State and City Funding
Town Clock CDC Board
Members of Town Clock CDC's board including City Council Pres. Rebecca Escobar, celebrate the groundbreaking of Dina's Dwellings Charlie Kratovil

First Installation Took Place Friday Next to Hidden Grounds Coffee Shop
Bike Corral
Hidden Grounds coffee shop on Easton Ave. is the first location to receive a bike "corral" in New Brunswick. Charlie Kratovil

Karen Finley & Other Officials at Redflex Face Charges of Bribing Public Officials
Redflex Traffic Systems
Redflex Traffic Systems installed New Brunswick's only red light camera system and it's not clear whether bribery played a role. Redflex Traffic Systems

With Ferren Mall Set For Destruction, Downtown Commerce Organization Moves to Kilmer Square Near Panico's
NBCM Office
New Brunswick City Market's new office is located in Kilmer Square near Panico's. Charlie Kratovil

City Government Breaks Promise to Find a Larger Room After City Hall Proved Too Small Last Time Mine St. Plans Came Up
May Planning Board meeting
Overcrowding forced officials to cancel a Planning Bd. hearing in May. The city went back on its promise to find a larger room. Richard Rabinowitz

Robert Rawls Gave to Donation to Mayor's Campaign on Same Day His City Vehicle Was Involved in Crash
Cahill and Rawls
Robert Rawls (right) captures the image of his boss Mayor James Cahill on a cellular phone after a ribbon-cutting last month. Molly O'Brien

Ronald Bellafronte Briefly Returned to Work as a Water Meter Reader Before Being Transferred to Office Job For Medical Reasons
New Brunswick Water Utility
A city housing inspector who used a racial slur to refer to a colleague has been transferred to work in the city's Water Utility Charlie Kratovil