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City Government

Mike Mahony Will Be Sentenced on February 6, But Charge Has Been Downgraded to Third-Degree Possession With Intent
Mike Mahony
Mike Mahony marching in the Memorial Day parade earlier this year. Charlie Kratovil

7:30PM Meeting Scheduled For Larger Room to Due to Unprecedented Opposition
October Planning Board Meeting
CMA President Mitch Broder (left) and his attorney Thomas Kelso (right), with Jennifer O'Neill and her father looking on. Charlie Kratovil

Program Joins PTI and Conditional Discharge as Ways to Avoid a Criminal Record
Charlie Kratovil

Anyone Wishing to Use Rutgers Libraries Would Be Required to Show Rutgers ID

New Brunswick is Second City in NJ to Pass a Resolution Supporting "Driving Privilege Cards" For Undocumented, 10 States and DC Already Offer It

Nephew of Mayor's Aide Kevin Jones Hired to $36,000-Per-Year City Job
Keith Jones II
Keith Jones II speaks at a City Council meeting this summer. Charlie Kratovil

City Still Uses Tiny Town's Shelter For Kennel Services Despite Documented Problems
Helmetta Animal Control
Helmetta's Animal Control van was seen parked in downtown New Brunswick last month. Charlie Kratovil

Elks Re-Elected Mahony as Their Treasurer Just Months After State Police Busted Him in Takedown of Drug & Gun Network
Mike Mahony
One week after resigning from his chief inspector job, Mike Mahony marched in the NB Fire Department's 250th anniversary parade City of New Brunswick

Event Dates: March 7, 2013 - 1:30pm - 2:30pm
Courthouse Will Display Artifacts From The Famous Hall-Mills Murder Case in New Brunswick
Edward Wheeler Hall and Eleaner Reinhartd Millsl were found dead in 1922 sparking a widely-followed trial.