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James Cahill

Brick Resident Edward O'Rourke Still Has Not Been Fired From Water Plant Job After Being Accused of Covering Up Violations
Mayor James Cahill
Mayor Cahill and the New Brunswick Democratic Organization received donations from a suspended water treatment plant operator. City of New Brunswick

After Spike in Murders Last Year, Three Lives Taken in 2013
Police Lights
A police car responds to a streetfight on Louis Street, before an officer issues a ticket to the photographer for jaywalking. Charlie Kratovil

Early Retirement Arrangement For Elected Officials Outlawed Shortly After New Brunswick's Mayor Began Collecting Big Pension For Lucrative County Job
Mayor James Cahill
Mayor Cahill makes a modest $40,000 a year salary, but his office confirmed for the first time he's collecting a $99,735 pension City of New Brunswick

Many City Boards & Commissions Are Inactive or Dysfunctional as They Struggle with Sharp Lack of Accountability
Robert Rawls
Emergency Management Council Chairman Robert Rawls (standing), and city spokesman Russell Marchetta (right).

Russell Marchetta Told Council One Vacancy Existed on City's Boards When There Were Actually at Least Thirteen
James Cahill
James Cahill has been the Mayor of New Brunswick since 1991. Charlie Kratovil