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James Cahill

After Fatal Shooting, Brad Berdel Was On City Payroll Four Months Longer Than Public Was Previously Led to Believe
Barry Deloatch
Barry Deloatch was shot and killed in a Throop Avenue backyard on September 22, 2011 by NBPD officer Brad Berdel. Charlie Kratovil

Former Spokesman Transfers to Newly-Created Position After Attacking NBToday Earlier This Month

Jersey City First in NJ to Pass Legislation Guaranteeing All Workers At Least Three Paid Sick Days
City Hall
Private sector workers in New Brunswick are not guaranteed paid sick leave. The city has been hesitant to adopt such a policy.

Whistleblower Lawsuit Filed by Former Salesman Says RedFlex Traffic Systems Bribed Public Officials in 13 States
Red Light Camera
Since September 2010, this controversial camera has been automating the process of ticketing motorists who run red lights. Charlie Kratovil

Longtime Supporter of Mayor Cahill Left to Work For CoachUSA Bus Company
Mike Beltranena
Michael Beltranena worked for eight years as New Brunswick's Police Director and another five years as an aide to Mayor Cahill. Daniel D'Alonzo

City, State Police, and RU Clashed on Transporatation and Labor Issues During Storm
A tree blocks College Avenue in the aftermath of Sandy.
A tree blocks College Avenue in the aftermath of Sandy. Richard Rabinowitz

Mike Mahony's Housing Inspectors Have Been Criticized For Years, Now He is Suspended Without Pay
Michael Mahony
Michael Mahony, the city's Chief Housing Inspector, was caught driving a city vehicle with a distribution quantity of cocaine. NJ State Police

Tony Caputo Retired From Police Director Job in 2010, Returned to Power in 2011
Anthony Caputo
Tony Caputo doesn't attend City Council meetings, but you can always find him at the Parking Authority Board of Commissioners. Charlie Kratovil

Luis Berrios Jr. First Auxiliary Police Officer to Become NBPD Officer in Decades
NBPD Swearing-in Ceremony
Four new police officers are sworn in by Police Director Anthony Caputo and Mayor James Cahill. City of New Brunswick

Cahill Has Not Yet Announced Whether He Will Seek Unprecedented Seventh Term
Mayor Cahill
Mayor Cahill points his pen at the author of this article when we caught up with him to discuss the water scandal. Sean Monahan