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James Cahill

Government Believed Larger Meeting Room Not Necessary After Mitch Broder Got Carpenters to End Opposition to Controversial Mine Street Plans
Union Protest
Union members picket a construction site in New Brunswick, one of many where a controversial developer is involved. Charlie Kratovil

Mayor Jim Cahill Refuses to Answer Questions About Water System He is Temporarily Overseeing
Mayor Jim Cahill
Mayor Cahill refused to answer questions about the privatization of New Brunswick's water system at a public event last week. Charlie Kratovil

Asked if Rumors Were True That Rawls Pleaded Guilty to Shoplifting and Simple Assault in Relation to a 1989 Incident, Mayor Cahill Said, "I Don't Know, Is It?"
Cahill in Foodtown
Mayor Cahill recently attended a press event at the same supermarket where his Fire Director allegedly shoplifted 25 years ago. Charlie Kratovil

Two Crashes Involving Robert Rawls Resulted in Notices of Tort Claim Being Filed by Alleged Victims
Robert Rawls Facebook

Marascia Now Works For New Brunswick One Day A Week at His New Job With NJ American Water
Frank Marascia
Frank Marascia received an award earlier this year for his work at the New Brunswick Water Utility. City of New Brunswick

Mayor Cahill Under Fire For Hiring Private Company to Take Over Day-to-Day Operations at Embattled Agency as "Emergency Fix" Without Telling Council or Public
Protesters against water privatization stood outside a city-sponsored event at the State Theatre earlier this month. Lauren Petrie

Shawn Maloney Allegedly Killed Himself After Learning He Was Target of FBI Investigation in 2007
Water Treatment Plant
Shawn Maloney allegedly killed himself in a field by the Water Treatment Plant on Comstock Street in February 2007. Bing Maps

Newly-Minted Captain Has Been With New Brunswick Fire Department Since 1994
Promotion Ceremony
Darrin Van Demark, a longtime firefighter, was promoted last month to the rank of Captain. City of New Brunswick

New Brunswick Fire Director Robert Rawls Faces Charges of Careless Driving and Failing to Yield to a Pedestrian in a Crosswalk
Robert Rawls
Robert Rawls, shown here participating in a reading of the Declaration of Independence held at the State Theatre last summer. City of New Brunswick

City Council Not Consulted as Mayor James Cahill Takes Over Water Utility, Signing 45-Day Privatization Deal with American Water
Mayor James Cahill
Mayor Jim Cahill is serving as the Acting Water Director following the departure of Water Director Frank Marascia.