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James Cahill

Officer Anthony Jones and Four Others Face Criminal Charges For "Bar Fight"
Anthony Jones Jr.
Anthony Jones Jr. lasted just over two years as a city cop before being charged with crimes. City of New Brunswick

City and Insurance Fund Paid Lawyers Over $1 Million Before Settling Case For $172K
Jim Cahill
Mayor James Cahill is an attorney, but he also has four of his own lawyers working two big cases. Sean Monahan

Campaign Calls For Replenishment of Affordable Housing Funds in State Budget
Staci Berger
Staci Berger leads the Housing and Community Development Network of New Jersey, the driving force behind the campaign. Middlesex County

Police Director and Business Administrator Also Get Taxpayer-Funded Attorneys
Middleton promotion
Mayor Cahill promoted Steven Middleton in January 2011, but Middleton contends he was repeatedly passed over due to his race. City of New Brunswick

CEO’s Father Served as Catalyst For Spectrum's New Facility on Jersey Ave.
Ribbon-cutting ceremony
Mayor Cahill spoke at a ribbon-cutting on May 4 for a new 42,000 square foot, integrated, pharmacy center in the Hub City, SPI. Spectrum Pharmacy Products

Charges Against Four NBPA Valets Sent to Grand Jury For Potential Indictment
NB Parking Authority is facing its second bribery scandal since 2010.
Dell Walker Also Admits Official Misconduct, Cocaine Possession, & Shoplifting
NB Fire Dept.
NB Fire Dept. Reader-submitted photo

Cops Violate Court Order and Federal Law Meant to Protect Journalists and Sources, NBToday Editor Willing to Go to Jail to Protect Our Sources, Community Outraged
Water Meter
Water Director Mark Lavenberg sparked a criminal investigation after he saw this water meter on the New Brunswick Today Show. Charlie Kratovil

Mayor's Office Announces Suspensions of Two Workers Under Criminal Investigation
Joseph DeBonis
Joseph DeBonis is an avid poker player who has worked at the city's Water Utility since 1994. WSOP

Demolition Company Run by Convicted Felon Blamed For Spill Upstream From NB Water Utility Pumping Station
Ford Ave. Rendering
A promotional image touting a development plan that has been in the works for more than a decade. Milltown Ford Ave. Redevelopment Agency