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Board of Education

Board Of Education President Phillip Heiney Released on Bail After One Night
Phillip C. Heiney
Dunellen Board Of Education President Phillip Heiney was arrested on child pornography charges. NJ Attorney General's Office

NJ High School Students Get a Taste of College on New Brunswick Campus
Rutgers 4-H

After Missing 13 Out of 20 Meetings Since Being Elected, Fowler Leaves BOE
Franchesca Fowler
Franchesca Fowler Jason Liebman

Richard Koenigsberg Said District Had Denied His Requests for Aid During Graduation
EB mascot logo
East Brunswick Bears East Brunswick HS

Payment to Victim's Family Ordered by Judge, Attacker on Way to Juvenile Detention
Family Court
Middlesex County Family Court

City Has History of Lead Poisoning and Covering Up Problems With Drinking Water
Seawood and Caldwell
Emra Seawood and Dale Caldwell refused to discuss the results of water testing in New Brunswick's public schools. Charlie Kratovil

Patricia Sadowski, Benito Ortiz, & Jennifer Shukaitis Win 2:1 in Low-Turnout Election
The 1-2-3 Team
Jennifer Shukaitis, Patricia Sadowski, and Benito Ortiz each won three-year terms on the city school board on April 19. New Beginnings For New Brunswick Schools

Polls Open Until 9PM, Four Candidates Vying For Three Seats on City School Board
Vote Here
Vote Here

School Safety, Politics, and Pension Issue Collide After Video of Attack on Student
The NBPD substation in the high school is a reminder of Mangarella and the connection between NBPS and NBPD. Molly O'Brien

Veteran Incumbents Stay Home, Leaving Candidates Jennifer Shukaitis and Yesenia Medina-Hernandez to Field Tough Questions in Two Languages at Bilingual Forum
Shukaitis and Medina-Hernandez
Jennifer Shukaitis and Yesenia Medina-Hernandez were the only two candidates to show up to a pre-election forum. Charlie Kratovil