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Small Business

Authorities Ask Owners of Agencies Shut Down by Raids Last Week For Permission to Pay Wages Out of Frozen Accounts
Olympus Management
Olympus Management Services is no longer operating after its owners were arrested and charged with fraud. Kevin Palomo

New Market Opened in Franklin Township, Annual Fundraising Concert at Tumulty's
Better World Market
Better World Market Better World Market

After Nearly Two Decades in Downtown, New Brunswick Restaurant Evicted
Makeda Ethiopian Restaurant
An eviction notice is posted on the door of Makeda Ethiopian Restaurant. Charlie Kratovil

Youth Gardening Program Among Highlights of New Brunswick Farm Market
Farmer's Market
A three-year-old washes cherries as part of a 4-H initiative to teach young people how to properly clean produce. Andrew Cangiano

Shaka Burrito Opens Location With Liquor License at Corner of Albany and Spring
Shaka Burrito
Shaka Burrito has opened a new location at the corner of Spring and Albany Streets in New Brunswick. Shaka Burrito

DEVCO Kicked Trucks Out Last Summer But Doesn't Plan to Build on Site Until September
Jimmy's Lunch Truck
The grease trucks, once an institution at Rutgers, have been struggling ever since they were kicked out of their longtime home. Charlie Kratovil

No One Injured, But D'Gala Bar is Closed Until Architect Can Vouch For Building's Integrity
DGala Collapse
Lots of stucco suddenly fell off the side of D'Gala Bar at 156 Commercial Ave. Charlie Kratovil

Family Business Leaving Downtown Store for 19th-Century Barn in Lambertville
Amber Lion Antiques
Amber Lion Antiques on George Street in New Brunswick. Darcy O. Thompson

Some May Secure New Spaces on Senior Street, Others May Never Return to Hub City
Grease Trucks
The city's famous grease trucks will vacate their longtime home in a College Ave. parking lot on August 15. Charlie Kratovil