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Boraie Development

Demolition Company Run by Convicted Felon Blamed For Spill Upstream From NB Water Utility Pumping Station
Ford Ave. Rendering
A promotional image touting a development plan that has been in the works for more than a decade. Milltown Ford Ave. Redevelopment Agency

Boraie Development's One Spring Street Highrise in New Brunswick Never Registered as a "Multiple Dwelling" Building With State
One Spring Street was the city's tallest building from 2006 to 2012. It was never registered with the state.

Not First Time Pipes Burst in Boraie Development's Nine-Year-Old Luxury Condo Building at One Spring Street
One Spring Street
One Spring Street was the city's tallest building from 2006 to 2012. Charlie Kratovil

Boraie Development Purchased Buildings Along Elm Row and Bayard Street
5 Elm Row
For 27 years, 5 Elm Row has been home to the offices of Michael Neuman, a dentist. Charlie Kratovil

EXCLUSIVE: New Brunswick's Own Boraie Development Paid Bargain Price For Land Owned by AC Housing Authority
Boraie Land
Assessed at $18.5M, eight acres of vacant land 1/4 mi. from the AC boardwalk were sold for just $1M to Boraie Development. Google Maps

Gov. Chris Christie Announces One of His Closest Allies Stepping Down Effective Immediately
David Samson
David Samson resigned yesterday from his job at the Port Authority State of New Jersey

DCA Spokeswoman Lisa Ryan Insists Reporters Were Invited, But None Showed Up
Boraie Groundbreaking
Seven unidentified men break ground in an odd ceremony on Sept. 23 attended by no members of the press or city.government. NJ DCA