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But Shortly After, Carl Icahn Raises His Bid for Pep Boys Again
Pep Boys
Pep Boys mascots Pep Boys

Hub City Rate Exceeds National Average, Slightly Lower Than Garden State Average
BLS Logo
New Brunswick's official unemployment rate dropped in August to 5.5%, but that doesn't account for the "underground economy." U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

European Company Expected To Leverage Its Size In Future Negotiations Over Digital Content Rights

Internet Commerce Spurs Openings at Secaucus “Megacenter”

Union Official: "Key Foods is Definitely In The Mix, There is No Question About It"
A&P, PathMark, Food Basics, and several other brands may soon be a thing of the past. A&P

Consumer Advocates Fear Overuse of Medicines on Animals Could Hurt Their Effectiveness in Fighting Disease In Humans
Rutgers Students call on the FDA to phase out the overuse of antibiotics in factory farming at McDonald's on Somerset Street. NJPIRG citizens

Wage Hikes in Retail Sector Prompt Labor Activists to Accelerate Their Efforts

Employee: “Everybody Has The Opportunity to Get Transferred to Another Store.”
The RadioShack on George Street has closed. Charlie Kratovil

Competition for Lower Wage Workers Reportedly Heating Up
Milltown Target
Milltown Target

New Brunswick B&N Will Be Part of New Company Consisting of Only College Stores
Rutgers Barnes & Noble
New Brunswick's Barnes & Noble college superstore may soon be part of a different company as B&N splits into two. Charlie Kratovil