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Tenant Owes Parking Authority $768,997 in Back Rent, Failed to Show Up For Court
Abandoned Supermarket
The doors to the NBPA-owned supermarket have been closed since their tenant left at the end of May. Charlie Kratovil

Most Minimum Wage Workers Will See Increases to $10 Per Hour As of July 1
Asbury Lanes Diner
Wait staff working hard, for low wages and tips, at one of New Jersey's many diners. Charlie Kratovil

After Three Years in NBPA-Owned Location, Supermarket Downsizes Significantly
Empty Superfresh Aisle
The Hub City Superfresh recently cleared a section of the market on the end closest to Paterson Street, to reduce its size. Dave Schatz

Consumer Product Safety Commission: Sparklers Were Top Cause of Injuries Last Year
Fireworks Tent Sale
Pennsylvania-based Keystone Fireworks holds a tent sale outside a 7-Eleven convenience store in East Brunswick. Dave Schatz

Mesothelioma Victim and His Wife Blamed J&J Baby Powder For His Illness
Johnson's Baby Powder
The use of Johnson's baby powder allegedly caused a man to contract cancer. Dave Schatz

Violation of Federal Standard Prompts Consumer Product Safety Commission Recall
Recalled Mattress
A local importer of mattresses and rugs has recalled about 6,200 mattresses due to a fire hazard. Consumer Product Safety Commission

Consumer Finds Small Piece of Yellow Plastic in Chocolatey Chip Flavor Protein Bars
Fit & Active Bars
This variety of "Fit & Active" protein bars were recently recalled. Aldi