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Social Justice

Latino Organizations Across NJ Voice Strong Disapproval After Governor Joins Lawsuit Against President's Order Protecting Millions From Deportation
Daniel Munoz

Advocates For Workers Rights See Mandatory Sick Days as Major Battleground
Paid Sick Leave campaign
Paid Sick Leave organizers and supporters after the April 18 City Council meeting. Charlie Kratovil

Aaron Shabazz Says City Repeatedly Dragged Out IA Investigations, Violated Their Own Procedures, and Investigated Him Instead of Officers Accused of Misconduct
Old NBPD Wagon
The Ethics Board spent less than 30 mins. discussing a case against lawyers who run NBPD's Internal Affairs Reviews process. NBPD

Most Greek Life Social Events Banned by RU Office of Fraternity and Sorority Affairs
DKE Fraternity
The DKE fraternity on College Avenue was suspended after a 19-year-old woman died from an alcohol overdose. Kevin Palomo

New Rutgers-Based "Black Lives Matter" Group Teams Up With "Galvanizing and Organizing Youth Activism" to Host Newark Activist Larry Hamm
Larry Hamm
Lawrence "Larry" Hamm, a well-known activist from Newark, will be speaking at an event at Rutgers on Friday. Facebook

With Looming Presidential Election, Governor Sides With Republicans in Court Fight Over President Barack Obama's Executive Order
Gov. Christie
Governor Christie had been silent on immigration at town halls and a recent NJ101.5 "Ask the Governor" program. Daniel Munoz

After Condoleezza Rice Controversy, No Word From Administration on 2015 Speaker
Condoleezza Rice Protest
Protestors proceed up Vorhees Mall to the Old Queens building Charlie Kratovil

Students Organize "Living in Color" Conference to Address Issues Facing People of Color in Higher Education
Living in Color
Living in Color Margarita Rosario

Administration Refuses to Budge as Pressure from the Community Mounts in Support of Faculty and Staff
Old Queens Protest
Protestors crowded outside President Barchi's office in New Brunswick. David Bedford

Authorities Ask Owners of Agencies Shut Down by Raids Last Week For Permission to Pay Wages Out of Frozen Accounts
Olympus Management
Olympus Management Services is no longer operating after its owners were arrested and charged with fraud. Kevin Palomo