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Most Minimum Wage Workers Will See Increases to $10 Per Hour As of July 1
Asbury Lanes Diner
Wait staff working hard, for low wages and tips, at one of New Jersey's many diners. Charlie Kratovil

Well-Known Journalist and Climate Advocate Naomi Klein Joined Rutgers Faculty
Naomi Klein at OWS
Naomi Klein speaking at Occupy Wall Street in 2011. David Shankbone

Animal Rights Activists Deal With Aftermath of Organization’s Condemned Practices
NJ-SPCA headquarters in New Brunswick Steven Rodas

Watch as 3 vans full of New Brunswick Police officers round up peaceful protesters in broad daylight on September 28.

New State Law Supercedes 2015 Ordinance Passed Here in New Brunswick
Phil Murphy
Governor Phil Murphy signed legislation making New Jersey the tenth state to guarantee paid sick leave to all workers. NJ Citizen Action

New Brunswick Home to One of Nation's Leading Women's Colleges For 100 Years
College Hall
College Hall, Douglass Residential College (New Brunswick, NJ) Benjamin Clapp

Demonstrators Facing Charges: Rutgers Punishes Protesters While Claiming Support
NBMS Protest
Hundreds of students protested outside New Brunswick Middle School on March 14. Guadalupe Lopez

Activists Face Criminal Charges For Protest That Shut Down Rutgers Board Meeting
USAS Banner
Rutgers United Students Against Sweatshops unveiled banners in several New Brunswick locations on January 29. Rutgers USAS