NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ – A 41-year-old city man was seriously injured in a shooting on Monday afternoon at the Brunswick Arms Apartment building.

According to James Queally's article on, police said the shooting occurred at about 4:45pm and was related to a domestic dispute.

NBPD Sgt. Mark Pappas told that the victim was being treated for life-threatening injuries at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital.

NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ – Middlesex County Prosecutor Bruce Kaplan and Warden Edwin Cicchi announced second-degree sexual assault charges against the county jail's assistant director Derick Stevens on December 22.

Authorities say that Stevens, a resident of Burlington Township, had sex with a 21-year-old female inmate in the year in September or October of 2000.

They also say he attempted to bribe the woman not to talk to investigators about the incident on December 5, according to a report in the Newark Star-Ledger

NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ – Jack Klugman, famous for his roles in Quincy M.E. and The Odd Couple, is the last living cast member of the 1957 film, "Twelve Angry Men," according to a report on

He will once again play Juror No. 9 at the George Street Playhouse's theatrical version of the classic.  The show will run from March 13 to April 8, according to the report.

NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ – Rutgers University's administration appears poised to go to war with unions representing their faculty and staff.  In a surprising move this month, the University's Board of Governors  in effect voted to punish unionized workers by granting raises and  bonuses to non-union employees only this year.

NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ – Like it or not, New Brunswick's Congressman will most likely be a Democrat for much, if not all, of the next 10 years.

A commission charged with re-drawing New Jersey's thirteen Congressional districts into just twelve decided to go with the Republican team's proposal in a 7-6 vote this morning at the Heldrich Hotel in downtown New Brunswick.

NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ – One man can make a difference.  His name is Charlie Renda.

When the City Council introduced a new law to ban bicycles from all city sidewalks in September, cyclists including Mr. Renda spoke out against the measure.  The Council tabled the law, and the city's administration responded with a new proposal that was much more comprehensive, but still included the same steep penalties for violators.

NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ – As Governor Christie prepares to embark on the second half of his four-year term, some of his closest cabinet members have been leaving the administration.

On Thursday, it was announced that Richard Bagger, Christie's Chief of Staff since he took office, will be resigning his position and taking a job as a senior vice president at CelGene Corp., a multinational biopharmaceutical company based in Summit.