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J&J CEO Participates in White House Summit on Working Families

J&J Employee From Bridgewater Introduces Obama Summit, Enjoys Surprise Lunch with President
J&J CEO Alex Gorsky, second from right, at the Working Families Summit on Monday Twitter

WASHINGTON, DC—Johnson and Johnson (J&J) CEO Alex Gorsky was one of several business executives who met with President Barack Obama on Monday to discuss ways to encourage companies to make their work places more family-friendly.

During the White House "summit on working families," a panel of leaders, including Gorsky and Goldman Sachs Chief Executive Lloyd Blankfein discussed ways of making U.S. work places more accommodating for employees who have children or who are starting families.

"The roundtable participants are leaders in workplace policy and the discussion will be framed around how to best encourage other companies to implement policies that benefit working families," the White House said in a statement.

"In consultation with the administration, the working group will identify ways that employers can measure their own progress and help ensure they have effective practices in place to respond to their workers’ work-life needs."

Lisa Rumain, a resident of Bridgewater, NJ and global compensation manager for J&J was given the opportunity to introduce Obama at the summit.

Rumain shared her story about working part-time to balance work-family needs.

She also had an unexpected surprise - lunch with Obama at a nearby Chipotle, before the summit.

Obama said, "21st century families deserve a 21st century workplace," according to a tweet by J&J adding: "Family is the bedrock of our lives."

"We have to build on this movement because it affects everyone,” said Michelle Obama according to J&J’s Twitter page.