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NBT Music Spotlight: Eloh Kush

An Interview With New Brunswick Hip Hop Artist Eloh Kush

Kushaun “Eloh Kush” Watson is a born and raised New Brunswick hip hop artist in the midst of a prolific stretch, releasing fourteen albums since 2018 amongst other ventures in books, fashion and labels. Last month, our music reporter Bennett Kelly sat down with Kush at the Hyatt bar, discussing…

Election 2022: Mayor Cahill Wins WITH 2 out of 3 VOTES

Doug Vizthum (left) performing with Bad Karma at the Court Tavern in the 90s

NBT Music Spotlight: Doug Vizthum

An Interview with Bobby Albert-era Court Tavern Fixture Doug Vizthum

Doug Vizthum was a lifer at Bobby Albert’s Court Tavern, working the door, bartending, booking shows and of course performing countless times with bands Pleased Youth, Bad Karma, Lunar Ensemble and others. A recent Florida transplant, our music reporter Bennett Kelly discussed new music, old Brunswick, Florida “meatballs” and more with Vizthum over the phone…

Mayoral Candidate Powell


Mayor Jim Cahill is looking to extend his long-time tenure in the coming election

Does Mayor Cahill have anything to say?

How you judge New Brunswick’s mayor depends on what you view as important to the city


August 2023 New Brunswick Crime Log

City police investigated reports of at least 21 serious violent crimes in the month of August 2023, including two stabbings and four armed robberies.