HIGHLAND PARK, NJ—For the first time in four months, Arthur Jemmy stepped out on the streets of New Jersey without fearing arrest on February 3.

The previous day, a federal judge in Newark ruled to temporarily protect Jemmy, an undocumented Indonesian immigrant—and others in his situation—from deportation by immigration officials.

NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—In the state primary election on June 6, voters in legislative district 17 will choose between incumbent career Democrats and their challengers, who promise progressive policies.

Bill Irwin, President of the Piscataway school board will challenge incumbent State Senator Bob Smith in the hottest contest on the ballot.

NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ–Walk into the Watercolor and Mixed-Media exhibit at the Alfa Art Gallery on Church Street and one is immediately struck by artist Hanna Aviv’s gorgeous watercolors of orchids, cyclamens, and scenes from the Scottish countryside.

The paintings possess a pastoral quality, but are alive and lit with bright reds, ochres and burnt siennas – the colors of autumn in a Scottish field.

SOUTH PLAINFIELD, NJ—When the Patels replied to a matrimonial advertisement in their local paper for an eligible engineer in New Jersey seeking a young, well-educated bride from India, they may not have imagined how much their own lives would change.

The couple responded to the advertisement with details of their youngest daughter, a graduate with a degree in pharmacy. It is not uncommon for the families of young Indian American men and women to advertise in Indian newspapers for potential spouses.