NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ–Summer is officially here and residents of New Brunswick are finding unique ways of spending their time to enjoy their relaxing, seasonal break.

The city's historic State Theatre, located on Livingston Avenue, will be offering free screenings of several films on Tuesdays now though mid-August.

On July 12, at 10:30 AM, the State Theatre of Livingston Ave. will be hosting a free screening of the Disney animated classic, “Frozen,” starring Kristen Bell and Idina Menzel.

NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—After a little over a month without a Recreation Director, the City of New Brunswick has hired a familiar face to fill the role.

HUB Teen Center Director and elected Board of Education member Edward Spencer was chosen as the new Superintendent of Recreation and started on October 5, according to the city.

NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ–New Jerseyans are preparing for another hurricane potentially hitting the Garden State this weekend.

Governor Chris Christie declared a state of emergency following predictions that Hurricane Joaquin, recently upgradeded to a Category 4 superstorm, may strike the East Coast of the United States.

NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—More than 200 backpacks and 50 carseats were given away for free as part of back-to-back events held at the New Brunswick HUB Teen Center on Joyce Kilmer Avenue on August 29.

The backpacks went quickly, but more than 50 young and soon-to-be parents hung around the center, waiting to pick up baby car seats and learn the proper way to use them.