Jasmine LaSalle

  • Photo Credit: Flickr

    NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—Easton Avenue will soon be home to yet another new restaurant, as a local favorite burger joint, White Rose System, prepares to open this spring.

    Owner Mike Litos says he is in the permit application process for the new location, which will replace the Lay-Z Shopper convenience store.  Litos expects to be open for business in the near future, perhaps as soon as April.

  • Photo Credit: New Brunswick Jazz Festival

    NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—Founded by Allen McGriff eight years ago, the New Brunswick Jazz Festival began as a two-day event held at the Progressive Lodge on Hale Street.

    McGriff said he founded the festival because of a "lack of jazz music being played," and that one of the primary purposes of the festival is to "give artists a venue to play."

    And McGriff's efforts have resulted in giving artists seven different venues to play at this year's festival, which kicks off tonight at three of them.

  • Photo Credit: Jasmine LaSalle

    NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—For the past four years, Johnson & Johnson (J&J) and Rutgers University have teamed up to provide the New Brunswick community with a local farmer's market located at Jones Avenue and Georges Road.

    The New Brunswick Community Farmer's Market, a seasonal operation based near the Cook campus of Rutgers, regularly open on Thursdays and Saturdays from 11am-3pm.  This past Saturday, they stayed open until 5pm.