NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—On Friday, August 21, Tumulty’s Pub is hosting a special event to promote opposition to human trafficking occurring all over the world.

The event, entitled “Night for a New Day,” will run from 8:00 p.m. until midnight in the basement of the pub, located at 361 George Street.

It will be hosted by local musician and artist Silent Knight, from The Band Called Fuse, and will feature musical performances from Highland Society, Sad Lips, and Foxanne.

NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ–A renowned New Brunswick based film festival will be celebrating its 20th anniversary on Saturday, May 30th, by opening the festivities until the 14th of June in the Hub City. The New Jersey International Film Festival, which began in 1996, is an annual festival where feature length independent films are screened in a competition.

NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ–The Force will soon be strong in the Hub City on Monday May 4.

That night, Destination Dogs is holding their second annual "May the 4th" party from 9:00 pm to 2 a.m.

Also known as Star Wars Day, the unofficial holiday gets its name from the catchphrase “May the Force be with you,” made famous in Star Wars, the classic science fiction franchise created by filmmaker George Lucas.

NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—A coalition of community leaders and members from Unity Square, the Esperanza Project, and New Labor have been ramping up pressure on New Brunswick's City Council to pass an ordinance requiring paid sick leave for nearly all employees in the Hub City.

Paid sick leave is time off from work that employees can utilize in order to tend to health and safety concerns, or care for sick children, while still being able to retain their pay and not risk losing their job.

NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—coLAB Arts, a local non-profit arts organization, is working to put on a series of "48-hour Musicals" event, the first in the area, in conjunction with the Hub City Music Festival.

The non-profit has paired theater professionals with New Brunswick DIY-scene bands, and tasked the groups with creating new and original 15-minute musicals within a 48-hour time frame.

NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—In response to the harsh treatment in the sweatshops of Bangladesh, as well as the efforts of a collaboration of local student organizations, Rutgers University has cut ties with two clothing manufacturers.

Business relationships with OC Sports/Outdoor Cap and VF Corporation, which owns the Jansport line of apparell, were ended earlier this month.