WASHINGTON, D.C.—The Affordable Health Care Act (AHCA), colloquially known as "Trumpcare," is an attempt to "repeal and replace" the healthcare reforms adopted eight years ago.

The proposal, in the form of a bill currently being pushed in the United States Senate, would inflict long-term, serious damage on New Jersey’s economy that would extend far beyond the healthcare sector, according to a new, nonpartisan study conducted by the Commonwealth Fund and George Washington University.

NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—Lambasting his opponent's fundraising and campaign spending as "pay-to-play at its worst," a Middlesex County politician running for Governor took aim at the system of how political parties select candidates that appear on the "party line."

A Sayreville native who has been an Assemblyman for 21 years, John Wisniewski survived his own campaign finance scandal in 2012, but re-invented himself after becoming the lone member of the legislature to support the Presidential campaign of Senator Bernie Sanders.

EAST BRUNSWICK, NJ—The NJ Division of Consumer Affairs (DCA) and the state's Attorney General filed a lawsuit in July against Vincent LoSacco and his company, Just Pups LLC, for allegedly misleading consumers about the health of puppies it sold.

Just Pups has stores in East Brunswick, Emerson, East Hanover, and Paramus. 

EAST BRUNSWICK, NJ–Richard Koenigsberg has been a teacher at East Brunswick High School for thirty years, where he is an award-winning educator of sociology and film.

He has also been deaf since the age of nineteen.

For much of his teaching career, Koenigsberg says his disability has not been a significant hinderance to his job– Koenigsberg reads lips and uses normal verbal skills, and previous East Brunswick Board of Education administrations had been accommodating of his needs.

NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ–In one of his final commencement addresses as US President, Barack Obama gave graduating students at Rutgers University advice for the future, and paid homage to the history of the 249-year-old university on May 15.

"The truth is, Rutgers, I came here because you asked," said Obama, who cited a "three-year campaign" undertaken by students and university officials to convince him to visit the school in time for its 250th anniversary celebration.