Christopher Bohorquez

  • Photo Credit: New Brunswick Democratic Organization

    NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ - As the 2018 midterm elections took place across the country on Tuesday, November 6th,  New Brunswick residents came out to the polls and among other choices made on the ballot, voted to keep incumbent mayor James Cahill in his position for an eighth consecutive term over independent, first time mayoral candidate Charlie Kratovil.

  • Photo Credit: New Brunswick Today

    NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ - On Tuesday, November 6th, the power to determine the future will go to the people of the nation as ballots are cast in the much-anticipated midterm elections all across the country.

    Here in New Brunswick, mayoral candidate Charlie Kratovil is attempting a historic upset in a short, dedicated campaign - making his case and appealing to the public about a need for change in city government.

  • Photo Credit: Rutgers University

    NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ--Eight months into his tenure as Rutgers Chancellor, Deba Dutta spoke about the past and present of the university, and its hopeful future improvements.

    Dutta started the February 28 speech described the most recent achievements and milestones like the university's 250th anniversary, new buildings, and the name change of locations to acknowledge important African-American figures.

    The speech then moved forward to talk about what Rutgers needs to do to thrive in the future.

  • Photo Credit: Rutgers University

    NORTH BRUNSWICK, NJ—The Rutgers Gardens will soon be opening a new, year-round farmers market under a state-of-the-art, green roof structure.

    The 101-year-old, 130-acre property is home to botanical gardens and farms, and has hosted a farm market since 2008, according to Director Bruce Crawford.

    "The building of the structure has been in the works for a couple years," said Crawford. "Rutgers Gardens received an anonymous donation of $150,000 three years ago, which they had to match in their own fundraising." 

  • Photo Credit: Christopher Bohorquez

    ATLANTIC CITY, NJ—New Brunswick native Jorge Diaz is getting ready to fight Adam Lopez in Atlantic City on November 18 for the World Boxing Council Fecarbox Super Bantamweight Title.

    In an exclusive interview with New Brunswick Today, Diaz looked back on his life in the city that raised him. 

    In order to get ready for the upcoming fight Diaz has been watching a lot of film studying his opponent.