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Charlie is a community organizer, a Rutgers journalism graduate, and a 2018 independent candidate for Mayor of New Brunswick.  He can be reached at (732) 993-9697 or

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    NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ - Rutgers University's administration appears poised to go to war with unions representing their faculty and staff.  In a surprising move this month, the University's Board of Governors  in effect voted to punish unionized workers by granting raises and  bonuses to non-union employees only this year.

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    NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ - Like it or not, New Brunswick's Congressman will most likely be a Democrat for much, if not all, of the next 10 years.

    A commission charged with re-drawing New Jersey's thirteen Congressional districts into just twelve decided to go with the Republican team's proposal in a 7-6 vote this morning at the Heldrich Hotel in downtown New Brunswick.

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    UPDATE: New video of Bill Bray and Tormel Pittman's shouting match is below.

    NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ - On Wednesday, the City of New Brunswick released the only video of the December 7 public shouting match between city activist Tormel Pittman, and Bill Bray, the Mayor's spokesman who left the administration two days later.

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    NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ - One man can make a difference.  His name is Charlie Renda.

    When the City Council introduced a new law to ban bicycles from all city sidewalks in September, cyclists including Mr. Renda spoke out against the measure.  The Council tabled the law, and the city's administration responded with a new proposal that was much more comprehensive, but still included the same steep penalties for violators.

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    NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ - As Governor Christie prepares to embark on the second half of his four-year term, some of his closest cabinet members have been leaving the administration.

    On Thursday, it was announced that Richard Bagger, Christie's Chief of Staff since he took office, will be resigning his position and taking a job as a senior vice president at CelGene Corp., a multinational biopharmaceutical company based in Summit.

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    NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ - Employees of the city's Department of Planning, Economic & Community Development have taken over one of former public information officer Bill Bray's duties.

    Kyle Kirkpatrick and Department Director Glenn Patterson have been sharing the responsibility of managing the city's Twitter account since Bray's departure nearly two weeks ago.  They even went so far as to change the city's handle on the popular social media service.

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    NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ - The City Council has been trying to re-institute a bicycle ban on city sidewalks ever since they realized that they repealed the 100-year-old provision accidentally last October.

    Tonight, it appears likely they will approve a much broader law that will, among other things, institute the ban on every city sidewalk, with the exception of "multi-use paths" along Routes 18 & 27.

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    PISCATAWAY, NJ - In October 2010, Eric LeGrand sufferred a career-ending injury that many thought would leave him paralyzed for life.  A year later, his triumphant return was voted the best moment of 2011 in all of sports.

    On a surprisingly snowy Halloween 2011 at Rutgers Stadium, he led his former teammates out of the tunnel and onto the field for an epic battle with the West Virginia Mountaineers.  Rutgers kept the game close until the end, even taking a lead into the fourth quarter, but the main attraction that day was LeGrand's return.

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    NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ - The New Brunswick High School teacher who plead guilty to sexual misconduct and sexual assault of two girls he supervised as a private karate instructor was sentenced three years in prison Monday.

    Joel Levy, 44, will also have to register as a sex offender and will no longer be allowed to be a public school teacher in New Jersey.  He was also placed under parole supervision for life, according to a report on

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    NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ - The Asbury Park Press' Capitol Quickies blog reported that Governor Christie visited the New Brunswick home of Frank Deiner, Jr. for a "conversation with taxpayers about ending payouts to retiring public employees for unused sick days."

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    NEWARK, NJ - Another one bites the dust.  William Owen Jr. resigned his position heading the University of Medicine and Dentistry of NJ, following the university's board of trustees meeting, where no signal was given of his departure.

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    NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ - The Newark Star-Ledger's Tom Haydon is reporting that Carlos Fernandez, age 20, has been arrested and charged with starting a fire on Friday that damaged three buildings on Somerset Street.

    The fire started shortly before 4pm at 272 Somerset Street, a boarded-up home in the city's Fifth Ward.  The blaze spread to buildings on either side, seriously damaging the law office of Alexander Takacs at 270 Somerset Street and a private residence at 272 Somerset Street.

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    NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ - Once again, New Brunswick finds itself at the center of the biggest political battle in the state.

    In the same luxury hotel where partisans fought over which towns would be grouped with each other in districts for state-level elections, a new group with a similar charge will determine the boundaries of New Jersey's 12 federal election districts.  In 2012, each district will hold an election to send one representative to the US Congress.

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    NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ - A whopping 1,500+ properties  in the City of New Brunswick were listed for an upcoming tax sale in the legal notices of the December 11 issue of the Home News Tribune.

    In New Jersey, municipalities are required to schedule all delinquent properties for an auction of the lien.  Investors can buy the liens on properties that do not settle up with the city in an auction scheduled for December 21.

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    NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ - Shortly before 4pm today, a fire broke out in the city's Fifth Ward on Somerset Street, between James and Alexander Streets.

    NBC4, whose news helicopter hovered overhead, said there were no reported injuries shortly after 6pm.

    Three homes were damaged: 268, 270, and 272 Somerset Street, according to  Fire departments from surrounding communities responded as well as the New Brunswick Fire Department.

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    NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ - A particularly well-written letter to the editor published in Tuesday's Daily Targum perhaps revealed the latest racial discrimination scandal at Rutgers University.

    The letter alledges that an unnamed "white doctoral student" who also serves as an instructor in the English Department sent an invitation to the white students in her class for a balls-to-the-wall celebration of racist culture, complete with a screening of "Song of the South" and maybe even some "watermillyum" (watermelon).

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    NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ - One man died last night in a fire at 204 Easton Avenue, near the intersection with Courtlandt Street.   The two-alarm blaze engulfed a two-family house next to Knights Deli, a convenience store in the heart of the Sixth Ward student neighborhood.

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    NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ - Middlesex County Prosecutor Bruce Kaplan has called for a special grand jury to hear the case against two New Brunswick police involved in the shooting death of Barry Deloatch on September 22.

    According to a report by Bob Makin of the Home News Tribune, the jury will hear the case on consecutive days to "minimize any unnecessary outside influences on the jury or the witnesses who appear before it."

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    PISCATAWAY, NJ - The latest media outlet to conduct an analysis of Rutgers Athletic Department has found the same thing everyone here already knew: the University overestimated future attendance at football games to justify the $102M expansion of Rutgers Stadium.

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    NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ - As the City Council considers new restrictions on bicyling in the city, an online poll conducted on the Rutgers student newspaper's website, 65% of respondents said they supported building bicycle lanes in New Brunswick.

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    UPDATE: Michael Beltranena in the New Brunswick Mayor's Office says Bray tendered his resignation on Monday December 5, two days prior to his verbal confrontation with Tormel Pittman.

    NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ - Maybe he knew he was on his way out and didn't give a hoot.

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    NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ - The former Rutgers student charged with invading the privacy of Tyler Clementi rejected a plea deal that would have let him avoid jail time and pledged local objection to his potential deportation by the feds.

    Dharun Ravi left the University in his first semester, due to the high-profile case brought against him by the Middlesex County Prosecutor's Office after Clementi, his roommate, leaped to his death from the George Washington Bridge in September 2010.

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    NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ - Yet another shooting occurred early Friday morning in the city's Fifth Ward.

    The Newark Star-Ledger broke the story that a 17-year-old man was wounded near the intersection of Florence and Somerset Streets, near the city's border with Franklin Township.

    They also pointed out it was not an isolated incident, one of more than twelve shootings since early November.

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    NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ - It’s official: New Brunswick's newest road will also be last in alphabetical order.  The City Council approved the name Zebra Way for a new connector road, a nod to the mascot of New Brunswick High School.

    The project was funded by Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) money provided by the federal government.

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    NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ - A tax consultant based in New Brunswick admitted to his role in a "check-kiting" scheme that involved 15 bank accounts at New Millenium Bank and Brunswick Bank & Trust.

    And on Monday, Amro Badran, age 54, plead guilty to a federal bank fraud charge being brought by the U.S. Attorney for New Jersey Paul Fishman.  The Newark Star-Ledger reported that his scheme involved artificially inflating the values of the accounts.

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    SOMERSET, NJ – Barry Deloatch, Jr., 24, of Piscataway, was seriously injured when a vehicle he was a passenger in crashed and overturned, bringing an end to a brief high-speed police chase early Thanksgiving morning.

    Mr. Deloatch underwent surgery yesterday for internal bleeding and relatives report that he is in stable condition at University Hospital in Newark.

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    NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ - The old CTown supermarket will live on under a new brand run by the same company, Krasdale Supermarkets.

    Bravo stores are in New York, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, and Florida, as well as New Jersey, took over the site in November and began by improving the buliding, which stands at the corner of George and Morris Streets.

    Upgrades include ground-level windows and a new paintjob.

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    NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ - On Wednesday, November 15, city officials celebrated the opening of yet another massive parking structure.

    Mayor James Cahill said "If it was easy, everyone would be doing it," according to the Daily Targum.

    The new garage has 656 spaces, which will be available to the public at the rate of $2/hour.  Like most of the authority's decks, it is fully automated.

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    A Timeline: Mayor Cahill's Police Department, 2010-2011

    March 1, 2010: Director Caputo Retires
    New Brunswick Police Director Tony Caputo retires.  He begins collecting a $115,020 pension and also receives a $376,234 payout for unused sick and vacation time.