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Aakash Dalal, 19, of Lodi, Has Been Charged with Another Arson, This Time in New Brunswick

19-Year-Old Rutgers student Aakash Dalal now stands accused of involvement in three separate arson incidents.

One Man Was Shot in The Chest on Neilsen Street Near the Douglass Campus of Rutgers

No one was seriously injured but three were arrested and one man was shot in the chest early Friday morning, just one block from the Rutgers Police Dept.

Deborah Celey, Cahill's Appointee to the Zoning Board, also Served as Vice Chair of NBDO While Supervising Campaign Slush Fund "Women For Good Government"

Deborah Celey and Tom Kelso, two officials at New Brunswick's Democratic Organization, now find themselves under scrutiny for shady dealings of the political fundraising operation, "Women For Good Government."

The County Collected 311 Guns in a Gun Surrender Program Held Over the Weekend

Middlesex County Prosectuor Bruce J. Kaplan said that 264 handguns and 11 assualt weapons were purchased from people who participated in the program, as well as guns not eligible for payment.

Executive Alex Gorsky Takes Reigns of Planet's Top Pharmaceutical Company as New CEO

New CEO Alex Gorsky is optimistic about the company's future despite various lawsuits and negative media attention.

Regulations Allow Candidates to Spend Campaign Cash on Virtually Anything From International Travel to Sports Tickets

See what Mayor Cahill spends his campaign cash on.

Police Seeking Suspects in Assaults Reported on High Street and in the Restroom at Harvest Moon Brewery

On Friday, two acts of a sexual assault were reported to authorities: one on High Street and the other at Harvest Moon Brewery in downtown.

Harold Williams, 60, Allegedly Used a Cellphone to Take Upskirt Pictures of an Underage Girl

Harold Williams, a deliveryman for Classic Dessert Company, was caught by a security guard taking inappropriate pictures of an underage girl in the RiteAid on George Street.

State Recommends Baltimore Insurance Broker Francis X. Gartland Serve 15 Years in Prison for Scams that Stole Millions From Perth Amboy and Toms River Taxpayers

New revelations in today's story of where the money came from and what it was spent on at one shady political fundraising organization based in New Brunswick, Women For Good Government.

"Coalition for Government Efficiency" Chairman Admits His Organization Bypasses Pay-To-Play Laws Designed to Restrict Money's Influence in Local and State Politics

New Brunswick officials accepted $19,500 from questionable fundraising operations during campaigns since 2007.  Read on to see the entire list of contributors to the Mayor's campaigns...

25-year Gunned Down Monday Night at Los Amigos Tavern

A New Brunswick resident who worked at two restaurants in East Brunswick was shot and killed in front of Los Amigos Tavern last night.

Joseph J. Spicuzzo was Indicted in 2011 for Selling Investigator Jobs at $25,000 a Piece in the Sheriff's Department he Ran for Three Decades

Joseph Spicuzzo, Middlesex County's Sheriff for 30 years, is awaiting a trial on charges that he sold jobs as investigators in the Sheriff's Department for $25,000 each.

Eight Other Shady Organizations Based in Central NJ Had Remarkably Similar Lists of Donors and Funneled Contributions Exclusively into Political Campaigns

Middlesex County Democratic Chairman says shady fundraising organizations were not under his control, but instead points the finger at New Brunswick's State Senator Bob Smith.

Library Added Workstations Due To Demand for Computer Usage
Dr. Barchi Named the 20th President in the History of Rutgers Unviersity
Matt Cordiero and Two Additional RU Students Among 36 Demonstrators Arrested for Blocking Entrance to Student Loan Provider's Washington DC Office

Matt Cordiero was among 36 students, including three from Rutgers, who were arrested outside of Sallie Mae's Washington DC office. 300 protestors in total had assembled outside the lender's office last week, demanding a meeting with their CEO.

Patrolmen With 50 Years Combined Service Say NBPD Is Riddled With Patronage

Department brass are facing a second lawsuit filed by their own officers, this one alleging political retrobution and a patronage machine that has protected "loyalists" and neglected "dissidents" for two decades or longer.

Democrat Committee Votes to Endorse John Anderson, Glenn Fleming, and Incumbent Elizabeth Garlatti for Three Seats Up For Election
Tuesday Night's Planning Board Meeting Will Likely Be Residents Only Opportunity to Comment on Proposal For New Development

Did you know that the city's planning board will make the final decision on whether or not this 16-story highrise apartment complex can be built on Somerset Street.  The plan calls for 238 apartments, 237 parking spaces and an 8,800 sq. ft. retail space to replace eight detached homes owned by the developer.

17-Year Veteran of NBPD Accuses Ex-Director Peter Mangarella of Transferring Racial Minorities From Desirable Assignments

Stunning allegations against former Police Director Peter Mangarella have come out in a lawsuit filed by a lieutenant who claims Mangarella was a racist.  The former director retired in 2011, but took a new job two months later as head of security at the city's school district.

Council President Robert Recine and Councilman Jimmie Cook to Retire After Sixteen Years on City Council

Three City Council seats are up for election this year, and only one incumbent will be seeking re-election, Elizabeth "Betsy" Garlatti.

Police Employee in Charge of Vehicle Fleet Was Charged With Possession on Feb. 22

Councilman Egan mentioned that a NBPD employee charged with drug possession in Somerset County may have been using a police car he was not authorized to do at the time of his crime.

New Brunswick's Largest Corporation Under Investigation Since 2004 For Marketing & Sales of Antipsychotic Drug Risperdone

Johnson & Johnson told the Securities & Exchanges Commission that it has set aside money to resolve the government's claims that it marketed Risperdone for unapproved uses.

Ravi, 20, Could Be Deported If Convicted of Invasion of Privacy, Tampering, or Bias Intimidation in High-Profile Case

The national media spotlight is on New Brunswick, as Dharun Ravi's trial commences at the Middlesex County Courthouse.  He is charged with invading his the privacy of his roommate at Rutgers University and faces up to ten years in jail and possible deportation if convicted.

Andrew Ferrazzoli, 51, Managed Department's Vehicle Fleet Until He Was Charged With Possession of Cocaine in February

Read on to find out what led Andrew Farrazzoli to resign in disgrace from his job with the New Brunswick Police Department.

Aakash Dalal, 19, of Lodi Charged With Masterminding Attacks on Synagogues

A college student from Lodi has been charged with encouraging and masterminding another 19-year-old to firebomb two Bergen County synagogues.  Read the text messages the two sent each other.

J&J's CEO Will Hand Over The Reigns at Annual Shareholder Meeting in April

New Brunswick's own Johnson & Johnson has had a rough year to say the least.  Now, they prepare for a transition to a new leader as they attempt to repair their tarnished image.

Longtime Resident Takes Over Presidency From Morris Kafka At February Meeting

After 18 years as President, Morris Kafka has stepped down from his post at the Second Ward Neighborhood Block Club and Crime Watch.

University Spokesman EJ Miranda Says Only That RU Had No Clue What Was Going On

Did you know the NYPD set up a secret unit of spies in an apartment in downtown New Brunswick?  Now we also know some of their targets included muslim student groups at Rutgers' New Brunswick and Newark campuses.

Shiela Oliver Has Served as the NJ General Assembly's First African-American Speaker Since 2010

Thursday, Feb. 16, Shiela Oliver, the first African-American female to be elected Speaker of NJ's General Assembly will be in New Brunswick.

St. Peter's Solar Panel System Would Be Largest of Any NJ Hospital

St. Peter's Hospital will be moving ahead with a plan to install 10,000 solar panels at both the main campus on Easton Avenue and their clinic on How Lane.  The plan was approved by the city's Planning Board in 2011.

Over 70 Turn Out To Protest Latest Police Shooting Despite Chilly Weather

Despite less than ideal weather, police brutality protests are picking up steam.

Basement Shows Quickly Becoming Dominant Component of Local Live Music Scene

New Brunswick's basements have filled the void left by the closing of venues such as the Court Tavern, the Melody Bar, and Patrix.  But will New Brunswick continue to produce bands that hit it big?  One local band's story suggests it's still possible.

Tikun Olam Hebrew Language Charter School Slated For New Brunswick Was Awarded a $600,000 Federal Grant Despite Glaring Inaccuracies

A rejected application for a unique Hebrew charter school to be based in New Brunswick contained false statements of support from local politicians and others who actually opposed the application.

Six-Term Incumbent Mayor Attacks Police Brutality Activist Tormel Pittman, Blames Him For Increase In Violence

Following another police-involved shooting in the Second Ward, Mayor Jim Cahill told the Home News that activist Tormel Pittman's rehetoric is to blame for the crime wave that has plagued the city for months.

New Brunswick Detectives Weiss and Bornheimer Involved in Remsen Avenue Shooting That Leaves One Man Wounded

Detectives Weiss and Bornheimer called in a "shots fired" call at about 6:14pm.  Police say shortly thereafter the man who fired the shots was shot and wounded by the officers.  The unidentified man was then rushed to a hospital, according to a county prosecutor's office press release.

Former "White Lotus Home" Bedding Store Will Be Converted This Year

The Zoning Board approved plans to convert the "White Lotus Home" bedding store on Hamilton Street into a new fashion retail store being started by young entrepreneurs.

Charges Against Sgt. Richard Rowe Cause City To Re-Open Complaint Process For Anyone With Allegations Against NBPD Since 2003

Surprise, surprise!  When citizens reported complaints against New Brunswick police officers to the NBPD, many times the NBPD Internal Affairs division failed to fully investigate the claims made against their fellow officers.

Two Men Arrested And Charged With Hit and Run

Two men were arrested and charged with the tragic hit and run that killed Leonel Lopez Hernandez on his way home from his job at the nearby Bristol-Myers-Squibb factory.

Governor's Committee Recommends Rowan University Take Over Rutgers-Camden; Head Football Coach Leaves for NFL's Tampa Bay Buccaneers

A difficult week leaves Rutgers with no head football coach leading up to the sport's most important day, while a panel appointed by Governor Christie recommended that Rutgers-Camden be handed over to Rowan University.

Club Was Last of Its Kind In City That Has Seen Live Music Scene Decimated

The Church Street rock club closed under mysterious circumstances beginning January 17, calling into question the future of New Brunswick's music scene.

SPUH Buys Historic Chapel From Bankrupt Hospital that Treated Survivors of 9/11 and the Titanic

A historic Greenwich Village chapel was purchased by St. Peter's Healthcare System and dismantled.  The new owner is hoping to raise $7M for reconstruction on the St. Peter's campus in New Brunswick.

RU Plans for Bidding Process to Sell Exclusive Food Truck Rights On-Campus

When the city kicked the iconic "grease trucks" off of the streets in the early 90's, Rutgers gave them a new home in Lot 8.  Now, the University plans to  open the five parking spaces to public bidding for the first time.

Construction of Demolished Elementary School Unlikely To Happen in 2012

The first-term City Councilman sits on the NJ Schools Development Authority, charged with building new schools all over New Jersey.  Egan said only two schools are scheduled to be built this year, and none of them are in New Brunswick.

Another Victim Died In The Hospital After Being Shot In Somerset Street Neighborhood

Gun violence has claimed its first victims of 2012, including a 21-year-old city resident.

One-Bedroom Rentals Start At $1,790/Month, 2-Bedrooms At $2,280/Month

The city's tallest highrise has a high price to match.

Nineteen Investors Bought Up Debts Owed to City on 700+ Properties Last Year

Last month, investors bought up liens on over 700 properties in the City of New Brunswick.  Now, the property owners will have to pay back the debts with interest or face foreclosure if they can't within two years.

At Least 20 Positions Remain Available on Several City Boards & Commissions

New Brunswick is recycling... but not the good kind.  Mayor Cahill and his City Council are re-appointing the vast majority of his people to serve on city boards and commissions this year.

After Men's Basketball Upset, Knights Football Team Defeats Iowa State to Win 5th Straight Bowl Win

As 2011 comes to an end, the Scarlet Knights of Rutgers are on a roll in the two most popular college sports, men's basketball and football

Afternoon Shooting Took Place in Brunswick Arms Apartments on Livingston Ave.

Police have not identified the man or the shooter.

Derick Stevens Was Suspended Without Pay From $70,291/Year Job on December 8

Derick Stevens has been suspended without pay and charged with second-degree sexual assault on a 21-year-old female inmate.

Father and Son Were Detained By Federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE)

The owner of a Geographic Information System (GIS) business headquartered in downtown New Brunswick, and his son, were detained for over two months by federal authorities.

Jack Klugman, Famous for Neil Simon's The Odd Couple, Will Reprise Role He Played in 1957 Film

Jack Klugman, a fixture on 1970's television, will return to the George Street Playhouse to play Juror No. 9, the same role he played in the 1957 film.

Non-Union Employees Given Raise and Holiday Bonus, Union Employees Get Nothing

The University's Board of Governors made a surprisingly divisive move this month, approving raises and holiday bonuses for non-union employees only.

City of New Brunswick Will Remain in Congressman Frank Pallone's 6th District, Unclear If He Will Seek Higher Office

Do you know what Congressional election district you live in?  It might be different than it was when you woke up this morning.

Bill Bray Defended Mayor Cahill's Decision to Put Elementary School Students in "Brand New" Industrial Warehouses For Past Seven Years

Bill Bray left the administration two days after this outburst at the City Council meeting.

Council Tabled Ordinance After Renda Asserted "Draconian" Fines Could Be In Violation of State Law

Read how one man's remarks against a punitive law may save cyclists thousands of dollars in fines.

Kevin O'Dowd Will Take Over As Chief of Staff on Feb. 1, His Wife Mary is a Cabinet Member As Well

What does Kevin O'Dowd's rise to power mean for his home city of New Brunswick?

@CityofNewBruns is New Handle Now That PIO Bill Bray Has Left Administration

Employees in the city's planning department have taken over official city account following departure of PIO Bill Bray.

Also on Agenda: Council to Give Away a Portion of Comstock St., Approve Nearly $300K in Police Spending

City Council agenda includes passing a law banning sidewalk cycling, giving away a portion of Comstock Street to a developer, approval of a new contract with their employees, and spending a $250K grant from the feds to fight crime.

Moment Earned 29.3% of Readers Online Votes, Good Enough for an Overwhelming First Place

LeGrand's return from a paralyzing injury in 2010 was voted best sports moment of this year by the magazine's readers.

Joel Levy, a Highland Park Karate Instructor, Also Admitted to Improperly Touching Another 16-Year-Old Female Student

Joel Levy, owner of a karate school in Highland Park, supervised students on in-school suspension at NBHS.

Park on Rutgers Campus is Named for Deiner's Father, a Journalist

Former Middlesex County Freeholder Frank Deiner, Jr. hosted a conversation with Christie on ending sick day payouts to public employees.

William Owen's Last Day Will Be December 31, Six Months Before His Contract Ends

William Owen resigned just one month after he surprised many by backing off his position opposing a partial merger with Rutgers University.

Carlos Fernandez was Arrested on Sunday, Held on $50,000 Bail

Carlos Fernandez was arrested on Sunday and held on $50,000 bail.

Allentown, PA resident's New Brunswick-Based Tax Business Cannot Prepare Federal Returns, Says Judge

Carmen Tax Services, owned by a Pennsylvania tax preparer, has its main office at 253 Livingston Ave. in New Brunswick.

High-stakes Redistricting Group Calls Heldrich Home, Must Decide on Boundaries by January 17

A bipartisan commission is working to determine which New Jersey Congressional representative might be out of a job next year right here in New Brunswick.

Robert Wood Johnson Hospital Owes $319K to City; Owners of Luxury Apartments John Lynch Lobbied For Owes $243K

See the 20 landowners who owe the most in property taxes, interest, water/sewer bills, health hazards, and relocation fees.  Some names on the list might surprise you.

Three Houses Burn on Somerset Street

No one injured in blaze that damaged three buildings on Somerset Street.

Letter Signed By 11 Students Says Dept. Failed to Act After Email Invite Was Sent to White Students Only

Another discrimination scandal erupts at Rutgers.

Two Others Injured; Authorities Have Not Released Names of Victims

The New Brunswick Fire Department is continuing to investigate the cause of the fire.

Jury Will Be Seated In January And Serve For Up to 23 Days Consecutively

And it only took 81 days.

Rutgers Football Ticket Sales Down 27%, Season Tickets Down 32%

Less than 6 in 10 fans paid admission this season.

Overwhelming Majority of Readers Support Addition of Bike Lanes

Hint: People ride bikes a lot.

Bill Bray Spoke Out of Turn, Repeatedly Ignored Chairman's Orders To Sit Down & Shut Up

Did Bill Bray leave the administration because of his verbal confrontation with an activist at the City Council meeting?

Dharun Ravi's Case Headed to Trial in 2012, He May Face Deportation if Convicted

Dharun Ravi is now likely headed for a high-profile trial next year.

17-Year-Old Wounded in Early Morning Shooting In Somerset Street Neighborhood

Stop the violence.

Federally-funded Road Connects New Brunswick High School & Van Dyke Ave.

The 4th Ward's newest road connects NBHS and Van Dyke Ave.

U.S. Attorney's Office Brings Federal Bank Fraud Charges on Tax Lawyer

See which two local banks he defrauded.

Crash Seriously Injures Son of Barry Deloatch Just Minutes After Easton Ave. Shooting

Things just got a lot more complicated for the grieving Deloatch family.

George St. Supermarket Becomes "Bravo"

The day we never thought would come: CTown is gone for good.

City's Tenth Public Parking Garage Offers 656 Spaces Next To Train Station At $2/Hour

The "Gateway Center" garage will be the authority's tenth public parking deck, connected to the city's train station.

A Bad Year For The NBPD Gets Worse With Suspicious Killing of Unarmed Man

2010 saw the return of the FBI to New Brunswick.  2011 has seen multiple indictments, brutality accusations, an unarmed man killed, and a controversial leadership switcheroo.