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Who Won The Targum's Poll on Bike Lanes?

Overwhelming Majority of Readers Support Addition of Bike Lanes
Should the city add bike lanes throughout New Brunswick?
An online poll conducted by The Daily Targum since November 28.

NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ - As the City Council considers new restrictions on bicyling in the city, an online poll conducted on the Rutgers student newspaper's website, 65% of respondents said they supported building bicycle lanes in New Brunswick.

The city currently does not have any bike lanes and a long-awaited multi-million dollar bikeway project was recently postponed.  It would have connected the two main Rutgers campuses in New Brunswick by way of Neilsen & Albany Streets.

As is customary with The Daily Targum's polls, multiple choice answers offerred are not mutually exclusive, nor is there a guarantee that even one choice will fit a given reader:  "Bike lanes won't solve anything.  Cyclists will still ride on sidewalks and streets," came in second with 17% of the vote.  The "No, it will cost too much and make roads narrower," choice garned 13%, and dead last was "I would not be affected," with just 5%.