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New Brunswick Landlord Remains in Jail For Drug and Weapons Possession

State Police Won't Say if Paul Cano III's Arrest is Related to Drug Investigation That Nabbed Chief Housing Inspector on Same Day
Workhouse Patch
The Middlesex County Workhouse is located in North Brunswick, the hometown of Paul Cano III. eBay

NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—A man who owns four city properties was arrested Thursday and remains in jail, but officials won't say whether it is related to a "far-reaching" investigation that may have ended the career of New Brunswick's chief housing inspector.

Paul Cano III, a resident of Platte Av. in North Brunswick, was arrested Thursday on charges for possessing weapons and illegal drugs.  He is still at the Middlesex County Jail, being held on $250,000 bail, according to jail officials.

According to property records, Cano owns his home in North Brunswick, as well as four others in the Hub City: 151 George St., 153 George St., 370 Delavan St., and 397 Sanford St.

As we reported Saturday, the city's longtime chief housing inspector was suspended from his job after news of an arrest on drug charges.  Michael Mahony, a city employee since 1994, was arrested at his home in Milltown on Thursday, the same day Cano was apprehended.

"Paul Cano does not show up in any of the information I've been given to release," said Lt. Steve Jones, a spokesman for the State Police.  "I don't have any involvement or information on that arrest."

He stopped short of saying the arrest was unrelated to the investigation into Mahony.

Mahony's charges have seemed to be fluid.  First, Saturday morning, New Brunswick Today was told by the jail that Mahony was charged with manufacturing and possessing illegal drugs.

The following day, jail officials told the Star-Ledger that Mahony was charged with possession and "intent to distribute" illegal drugs.

A phone number listed for "Cano Property Management" went straight to voicemail.