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The Stuntcocks and Brunswick Basement Burlesque Show at Court Tavern

Brunswick-Based Burlesque Show Blends Art, Dance, Comedy, and Music
Brunswick Basement Burlesque
Three members of Brunswick Basement Burlesque troupe, a new outfit that began performing this summer. Melissa Basile

NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—A unique burlesque show is bringing its brand out of basements and attics, and into the city's most famous rock club tonight.

Brunswick Basement Burlesque consists of three women and one man who hope to replicate the style of American burlesque popular more than a century ago.

"We do old-school traditional burlesque," founder Jess Paikarovski told the Home News Tribune.

After New Brunswick favorites The Stuntcocks finish their set shortly after midnight, Paikarovski and her team will take the stage.  It will mark the first time they perform in a legal venue.  Previously, they have drawn crowds to the attics of residential homes in New Brunswick.

Other bands on the lineup include The Fletchers, The Wreaths, and Bad Karma.  The show starts at 9pm at The Court Tavern on Church Street.