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Rutgers Unveils Its First Two 3-D Printing Machines For Student Use

Makerbot Machine Open to Students Beginning Today at Mabel Smith Douglass Library
3-D Printer
One of two Makerbot 3-D Printers opens for student use today at the Mabel Smith Douglass Library. Deven Trivendi

NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—Students headed to the Fordham Commons area of the Mabel Smith library in Rutgers New Brunswick have been intrigued by the sight of two recently-installed Makerbot 3-D printers.

A sign nearby indicated that the printers would be open to students starting today, Monday April 14.

The attached computers are equipped with software that allow users will to design their own three-dimsenional objects that the printer can produce out of plastic material.

 The software then prompts the user about how many ounces of material will be required to print the object.

Sources say students will be able to pay for their objects at a rate of 25 cents per ounce and will accept cash only.