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Prosecutor's Office Will Appeal Judge's Decision to Throw Out Conviction of Former NBPA Security Guards

Emil Hanna and Naguib Were Acquitted After Judge Bradley Ferencz Ruled They Were Not Responsible For Policing Their Colleagues
Emil Hanna & Emad Naguib
Emil Hanna and Emad Naguib are both free men, after a judge threw out the only conviction remaining against them. Charlie Kratovil

NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—Judge Bradley Ferencz acquitted two men convicted of failing to report the thefts of their fellow employees at the New Brunswick Parking Authority on May 16.

But the county prosecutor's office tells that it will appeal the judge's decision.

“Given that the jury found the defendants guilty, we disagree with the judge’s decision, and our office is filing an appeal,” said Andrew Carey, the new Middlesex County Prosecutor.

According to the Home News Tribune's Bob Makin, "Ferencz reasoned that the duties of Emil Hanna, 57, and Emad Naguib, 50, both of Old Bridge, did not include a requirement to police their colleagues. While their title was security guard, their duties were as property concierges, the judge said."

“I’m very, very happy,” Hanna told the Home News. “The judge is a very honorable man.”

Hanna and Naguib were acquitted on Jan. 28 of a dozen other charges, including theft. They were among six former Parking Authority employees charged with various crimes, two of whom implicated Hanna and Naguib as part of a plea agreement.

There is still one trial remaining in the scandal, as well as the appeal in Hanna's and Naguib's case.  The trial of Lawrence Sorbino, who supervised the security guards, is set to begin with jury selection on July 1 in Middlesex County Superior Court.