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Police: One Injured in Throop Avenue Shooting

Police and EMS Respond to Report of Gunfire at Bodega
Cibao Grocery
Police and emergency medical personnel reported to a gunshot victim at this convenience store on Throop Av. shortly before 5pm. Google Maps

NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—Police spokesman JT Miller confirmed that a person was shot earlier this evening in the city's Second Ward.

An unidentified individual was reportedly shot in the leg at 177 Throop Avenue at approximately 4:50 p.m., according to police radio transmissions.

Multiple units patroled the area in search of a black four-door vehicle with tinted windows that fled on Delavan Street towards Lee Avenue.

The victim was met by New Brunswick police inside the Cibao Grocery store, located at the corner of Throop and Delevan Street.  An ambulance transported then transported victim to Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital.

It is not immediately clear if the victim was shot inside the store or somewhere else nearby.