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Police Investigating Armed Home Invasion in Morrell Street Apartment Building

Apartment Robbed After Victims Invited Suspects in For "Prearranged Meeting"
55 Morrell Street
55 Morrell Street is a new addition to the Sixth Ward neighborhood, and the scene of an armed home invasion last night.

NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ--City police are investigating another dangerous crime in the city's Sixth Ward, home to Rutgers University.

According to a crime alert issued by the school, a group of students were robbed by two men they had allowed into their home for a "prearranged meeting," shortly after 11pm on February 2.

The incident occurred inside a new apartment building on Morrell Street, which connects Sicard Street and Easton Avenue, in a neighborhood dominated by college students immediately adjacent to the College Avenue campus of the school.

"Upon being allowed into the residence the perpetrators displayed a firearm before removing items of value and leaving the area," reads the crime alert, issued just over two hours after the incident occurred.

The crime alert described the suspects as "one light skinned black male in his early twenties wearing a blue hat, burgundy coat, and a tan back-pack and one dark skinned black male wearing a green trench coat, white hat, and tank top with tattoos across his chest."

The New Brunswick Police Department asked that anyone with information, or who may have been in the area at the time, to contact the department's Detective Bureau at 732-745-5217.

The 35-unit apartment building where the incident occurred was built by Princeton-based Recon Services LLC after earning the approval of the Zoning Board of Adjustment in July 2012.

A website promoting the building to potential tenants says, "RU Off-Campus Apartments provides the Rutgers University Community with secure apartments that exceed its needs of a safe, convenient and peaceful environment."